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The Weekly One More 1/19/14

Megs things

It’s time for the Weekly One More! For those of you just joining us, the Weekly One More is where we challenge ourselves to do 1 more healthy/ fitness related thing than we did before.

How’d y’all do last week on your Weekly One More?  I succeeded in exercising one more day than my workouts.  I had 3 classes last week and went walking on Sunday.  I am still at no soda too!

So, this week, what are you going to do? What is the ” One More” thing you are going to do to be fit and healthy?

My “One More” is better eating.  I will admit, my eating has been out of control the past weeks, badly.  I am also the first to admit, I am a baby when it comes to fruits and veggies.  So, I need to incorporate more of them.  That is my goal.  Honestly should of been my goal a long ass time ago.

What are your goals for the week? What are you going to do? I’d love to hear!

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Haters Step Off!

I have done some amazing things on this journey. Well, things I feel are amazing.  I have been at this now since March and I feel great.  I have gotten wonderful compliments and feedback from so many people.  But as soon as I said I was doing a 5K, things changed.  People in my gym have been nothing but extremely supportive, but people outside of the gym, and even some family have not been.  The other day was the last straw, so I took to the Less Thighs More Thunder Facebook Page and posted a little rant.  For those who are not on Facebook, here is what I wrote :

I am pumped and terrified about my first 5k. But let me say this – I am adult, I know my body and I, above anyone else know what I can do. So what on Gods green earth makes people think I am NOT ready for this?!?! Yes, I am over weight, yes, I am a slow runner, yes, its gonna take me a while, but so help me, if I hear one more time… ” You sure you can do this? You sure you want to do this? Are you really sure?” I am gonna drop kick someone! Ugh! Have faith people! I HAVE GOT THIS!!! ….. i feel better now”

It was driving me nuts – to keep having people ask me if I am ready, if I think I can do it. I didn’t understand why all of of sudden people were thinking I Couldn’t do it.   I was just really bothered by it. The last comment I got was from my grandfather, now , granted he is almost 90 years old but after it infuriated me, it made me think.  I started talking about it with my oldest and his response when I asked him about it was ” Aren’t you jumping the gun just a bit?” I asked him why he said that.  He said, “shouldn’t you do a 3k first? ” I explained that I have already run farther than 3k.  He said ” Oh”.  Then it dawned on me, these people have no idea what I have done or what I am capable of.  The folks in class, they see me, they are are also doing it themselves, everyone else, just has to take my word for it, that I can do it.  I guess my 33 lbs weight loss isn’t convincing enough.

So, my 5K is a week from today. I know I can do a 5k. I know I can , but I have yet to run that far. So, yesterday, one of my friends from the gym and I set out to run Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield  My goal was to do at least 2 1/2 miles. It was rough for me, but running with someone, definitely helps someone like me.  My friend Christel was an awesome running partner.   By the time we were done, I had run my own 5k! I just kept going and in the end, I freaking did it!

I gotta admit, I  was so overcome that I actually did it, I cried.

I squished the haters! I was victorious!


 I am going to finish my race next week, I am not going to let anyone hold me down.  I got this!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Just Keep Laughing

I am a firm believer in laughter is the best medicine.  Laughter and finding the joy in all situations is never easy, but its how I deal with things.   My life has been filled with some pretty hard situations, but you gotta laugh and make the best of things.  I firmly believe that is why I am here.  I believe that seeing the lighter side of things helps me get through the tougher things.  Cause seriously, what else are you gonna do? Sit, mope, cry, yes, those things are all well and good, but when you get sick of that, what are you gonna do? You gotta keep swimming and keep going.


A great example of this are my classes.  Obviously, I am still on this journey and not nearly close to my goal – still making progress but this is a long road.  It probably drives the folks in my class nuts, but I make jokes about my inability to do certain moves.  Inside, I would love to just sit on the floor and cry while I feel defeated.  And have seriously contemplated that many times, but, what good would that do?  So, tonight, we had L-sit practice.  For those at home who don’t know what I am talking about, a L-sit is when you hold yourself up and sit in an “L”, feet out in front, holding yourself off the ground. So, yeah, I did not have much confidence in this at all.  Coach Dan set out 12″ boxes a little ways apart and each of us took a turn in between the boxes to try the sit.  The first time, I could not move, not even budge, I kicked my feet off the ground, that’s 1 second, right? We all took turns, the next set the person who was ahead of me was smaller than me, so she had to move the boxes closer together.  I didn’t realize this and plopped my ass right down, essentially my ass stuck between the 2 boxes.   I achieved the goal of more than 1 second! Haha! There I was , ass stuck, sticking my hands in the air. ” Look Ma, no hands! ” LOL!!! started laughing so hard, I was crying.  Wish I had taken a pic, cause the visual, I bet is hilarious.  I really think this is the new way for plus sized bums to do the L- Sit!   Sit in and squish in! Wedge yourself between the boxes and let the boxes do the work!   How else am I going to get over my fat ass ? You gotta laugh. You gotta keep swimming.  You HAVE to keep going.  Yes, of course, the thought was in my head to get pissed and get mad, and, yes I was, but now, a proper L-Sit is a goal.  There you go, problem solved.

This week , I did classes 3 days in a row, Hopefully you all read my post about my Pullups! Finally did them! Yea Me!

Tuesday night we had walking lunges in that work out, good Lord! It has been hard to walk all week! Then last night, we had squat cleans and 400 m run in the workout.   Now, of course, my running is terrible, but last night took the cake. My legs hurt so bad, I literally had a classmate walking along side of me as I ” ran”.  On the plus side, I did not walk, I kept moving, in a running motion.  And I told myself, if I can get through 3 of the 4 rounds, that is a victory, and I did.  Tonight, more freakin squats.  This time it was single arm overhead squats.  Cha! Those were atrocious.  Then it was onto burpee tuck jumps and V-ups.  AMRAP.  Burpees are always a killer for me, so I knew I would have issues, plus with my legs screaming, I figured, if I can get through 3 rounds, I would be pleased with that.  I got through 4.  So, while my legs are sore as hell, I feel very victorious this week!

One of the things they teach us is to foam roll. So, I have been doing it before each class.  Me and the foam roller have never been good friends.  Usually it rolls off away from me cause my fat ass does not fit on it and I cannot maneuver to get onto it.   Tonight while I was rolling before class, I got my butt on the darn thing!  Silly, I know, to be excited by this, but the fact that it wasn’t rolling away from me and I wasn’t chasing it all over the room , was awesome.

Progress people!  It is all about progress! These victories may be small, tiny even, but a victory is a victory, no matter how small!  Don’t ever, ever ,ever give up !  If it is worth fighting for, you have to give it your all.  It has taken me such a long time to realize that I am worth fighting for. ALWAYS

Just Keep Swimming – Just Keep Laughing – The best is yet to come!

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Things to Think About

It has been a busy busy week

This week, I only got in 2 classes. We had a lot to do this week, and it is just the way things worked out.

For starters – my classes.  So Monday was 6 rounds  of 5 HSPU and 7 Front Squats.  My HSPU are still not good, not even on the wall yet, but I do them on a box.  I had 55 lbs for my front squats.  My time to complete the 6 rounds of the moves was 10:45.  I thought that was pretty good for me 🙂

Wednesday night was a bit more of a ball breaker.   For starters, we did Pull Ups practice, which If you have read my blog before, you know, Pull ups are not my strong suit.  Which is part of the reason, I was raring to go and tackle them. For the practice we were supposed to do 3×5 reps.  I get up on the damn bar and it was like I was freakin concrete! I could barely move. Seriously felt as if I had pissed off a mobster and my bottom half was encased in concrete.  I was soooo Pissed! I have been doing ring rows since I started since I can’t do the pull ups, but really? by Now, I should be able to do them.  AND I AM PISSED THAT I CAN’T !!! UGH!!! ( I feel better getting that out, lol)  I was able to once again get my nose the the bar, but it is not the same and it never will be the same.  I need to be able to get my head over that damn bar.  Once I can, believe me, you will be hearing me sing it from the rooftops!

User:Extremepullup performing a standard dead-...
User:Extremepullup performing a standard dead-hang pull up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, then onto the WOD. It was pistols and Single Arm DB Presses 3 minutes on 1 minute off , 6 rounds.  I can’t do pistols properly yet, so I use a bench. I was also holding a 30lb plate while doing them.  The DB Push Press, I used a 10 lb DB.  Now, call me crazy, but I think my pistols got better.  I have not done them for a while. but it certainly seemed harder last time. I was falling all over the place the last time I did them, could not balance for shit.  This time, I felt good about them, of course I was convinced I was doing them wrong, but I felt it in my legs, the next  2 days, which is usually indication, I did it right.  My push presses were good I felt.  My right side is definitely the stronger side.  I struggled with the left more than I thought I would.  My total reps for the work out were 256.  I was proud of that.


Bring it to Saturday.  Team Less Thighs More Thunder took to the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in Boston.  It was myself, my son Jason, my sister Rachel, My brother in law Mark, My nephew Dexter and my co-worker Caitlin.  Our team raised over $500! Proud of everyone! Thank you to everyone who donated.  If you are familiar with Boston, the walk was at the Hatshell.  No parking, sometimes they let you park on Storrow Drive, but even then, its busy.  So we park at the Cambridgeside Galleria and walk over. So yes, we walk to the walk.  The Walk to the Walk was about a mile and a half/ 2 miles.  Once we got there and got situated, my sisters blood sugar went low, so we had to regroup and make sure she was all right.  She was after a little bit and we decided to continue the walk.  All in all, we walked about 7 miles! It made for a long morning, but it is worth it and a great cause.  Here is Team Less Thighs More Thunder!

Rachel, Megan, Caitlin, Dexter and Jason ( Mark took the picture)
Rachel, Megan, Caitlin, Dexter and Jason ( Mark took the picture)


Once we got home and relaxed, it was onto the NESBA competition my son Tyler was participating in for band.  Thank goodness the weather held out!  So proud of him! The
North Andover Scarlet Knight Marching Band is great!

So I was exhausted after this week.  I will admit it, I did not not exactly watch what I ate either.  But I am gonna be back at class tomorrow and back at it, ready to kill it!  I feel amazing and I like it!  Gotta keep swimming!

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Daily Rants and Raves

More Progress!

So, I have been kicking around the idea of posting my ” Before ” pictures.  I put it off for a long time, mainly because I was horrified at the thought of seeing them.  But this is a process and I need to be real and up front with myself or else, I will never move forward. So , I made a page to track my progress and there I will post pictures through the journey. Click over to My Progress Tracker.    You can see my ” before” pics and my current pictures.  I have to admit, seeing the pictures was pretty emotional.  And my kids had some great comments. My favorite from my daughter Maddie was ” You’re butt sure is bigger in that first one! ” And she is right, my butt is bigger in the older picture.  I was really terrified to even look at the pictures, mainly because, what if there was no difference? What if I couldn’t see it?  I feel it, and I see myself everyday, so I guess I don’t notice it.  but seeing the pictures together, it was pretty cool.

In other news, silly little thing I want to share.  I have 2 amazing sisters, Rachel and Caitlyn.  Both younger and smaller than me. We go for walks fairly often.  We were out for a walk the other night and I noticed our shadows. Mainly mine.  The big thing I noticed, was , my legs weren’t as bumpy as they usually were! Silly, I know, but it is those little things that count the most.

Today’s WOD:

For starters, we had our warmup.  Added into this was a 45 second plank.  I know I was just able to hold a plank for a minute, but still, that shit ain’t easy.  But today, surprisingly, I didn’t have too much of a problem, I held the plank no problem.  Progress!

Then the WOD was 10 rounds  –    10 Dumbbell Step Ups – I used 22 lb weights and had a 12″ box with a 25 lb plate on it = 2″ for a total of 14″. 10 Floor Presses – I used the 22 lb weights, then we did 20 Double Unders or 40 Regular jumps – I still can’t do the DU so I did the regular ones.  My total time for this was 22:59.  I was proud of that.  My rope jumping has come a long, long ,long way.  Just wish I could do the Double Unders. But still Progress!

Everyday, I still tell myself ” Just Keep Swimming” and by golly it’s working! Don’t give up folks!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Down with the sickness

Ugh. I am sick, I HATE, no, I LOATHE being sick.  I felt it coming on Friday night, I could feel it in my throat, took some NyQuil and prayed.  To no avail, woke up worse Saturday. I still got my class in, but went home, showered and was in bed the rest of the weekend.  I am still all stuffed up.  I can’t stand it!


I am so frustrated! I am not supposed to be sick!   I met with my coach  to go over my nutrition, I have  a new plan I need to stick to and I feel like crap, I don’t want to eat much, but I need to eat.  It always seems to happen like this…. I get going on something, then boom! something happens and I am tossed off the path.  I CANNOT FALL OFF THE WAGON! I know that this is just a tiny bump, but it just drives me nuts.  I am praying that the NyQuil will work tonight and I will wake up so much better tomorrow.

What do you do when you are sick and need to stay on track? How do you do it?  ARRGG!!!!

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Week in Review

It has been a big week!

Worked out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Great workouts – finished all of them !  Medicine Ball Cleans are the devil – my legs finally stopped hurting, lol.  Met with my coach and got my measurements.  In 4 months at Befit ,     I have lost 10″!!!! Now that I have my workouts under control, need to step it up and work on the nutrition.   Worked out a plan with my coach and I think it is doable.

I am excited to step it up and take this to the next level.

Through this journey, I find its the little things that make all the difference.  For instance, I had a physical this week.  My doctor was thrilled I am working out and making a lifestyle change.  Then, he sends me to get blood work.  Ugh.  I hate having my blood drawn, not so much because I don’t like needles, its because I have ” bad veins”.  In other words, since I have been fat, it has been a bitch to get blood drawn.  Usually they give me some fresh out of phlebotomist school grad who is trying to prove themselves and I leave looking like a pin cushion that someone has tried to place a spell on.  Then there are the bruises that take weeks to heal.  And of course they use the tape that is not the cloth tape, so it hurts wicked bad when you pull the bandage off.  You know what I mean….    Anyways – this week – It was 1 and done!  It was amazing.  I gave the girl the story I give everyone who comes at me with a needle about my ” bad veins”.  She does the tap on the arms to see which one is best and she said they were both good, she picked the left and it was done!

Now, I am no doctor and have no medical training, but the only reason I can see that this was easier – was because I have lost weight.

Another Victory! Small but its another victory! Hooray!

I find myself over and over again saying Just Keep Swimming, and honest to goodness, I swear it works….. You gotta keep going no matter what.  I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

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And BTW – All that blood work came back Normal!

Daily Rants and Raves

Cheesy Fry Challenge – Accepted!

I am from Massachusetts – and if you are from Massachusetts, you have heard of Kelly’s Roast Beef.    

They have amazing Roast Beef Sandwiches and more importantly – SIMPLY AMAZING CHEESY FRIES!



I am not gonna lie – and I am not exactly proud either , but there are not 1 but 2 Kelly’s within lunch break distance from my work.  I would run to Kelly’s on my lunch and get what I call the ” Value Meal”.

Bacon Cheesy Fries and a Chocolate Frappe

I know I know, awesome right?!?!   And soooooo freakin tasty!

Well, my friends, Those days are way behind me. And how do I know?

Today at lunch, some co-workers went to Kelly’s.  I passed.  I even passed when presented with delicious, cheesy, gooey, yummo, bacony, Cheesy Fries!  Now, I know this is not a huge moment, I suppose more of a comical one if that, but this is something.  My normal routine, would be to have a few fries, then a few more, all the while saying ” I’ll only have a few…”  But not today! Not today my friends! I resisted the delicious fries!

I busted my butt last night in class and I was not going to ruin it.  Plus I had class tonight too , and I was not going to set myself up for failure.

It’s these little moments, these little things, that I think I am most proud of .  These are the little changes I notice.  Its these moments that mean the most.  I am changing.  I have so much farther to go, but at least I know I am on the right road.

Go out there and be happy folks! Do what makes you happy!

And never ever forget to KEEP SWIMMING!!!


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Daily Rants and Raves

Back at it!

Ok, I will admit it, I haven’t been sticking to my workouts when the gym was closed.  My last workout was last Tuesday.  Yes, I have been swimming a couple of times, but really, I haven’t done shit.  Its my own fault – I have been lazy.  Plus we have had a lot going on in our family, which didn’t help.  Unexpected trip to the ER with my oldest and 2nd degree burns on his foot, he is ok now and it is healing nicely.  Thank goodness!

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...
Two views of local Extension leaders drilling in physical exercise in middies and bloomers, … (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)


Onto the nitty gritty – What a bum I am!   Ugh! So frustrated that I did not get off my ass! But let me tell you = went back for my 1st workout tonight and had my ass thoroughly handed to me.

And I loved it!  Tonight was box jumps, mountain climbers, V ups and my favorite – running.  Cha! Oh and did I mention 5 rounds?  Surprisingly – the box jumps, climbers and V ups were not too bad – it was the running that once again did me in.  It was a 400 meter run – I did 400 meters the 1st 2 rounds, then by the grace of God, my coach said I could do 200 meters for the last 3 rounds.   Still running sucked , but as soon as my feet hit the pavement – I start the mantra ” Just Keep Swimming” And I did just that – kept swimming and got the runs done.  All 5 rounds. Yea Me!

I have to step it up.  I have got to be even more dedicated.  And Lord knows I have to do something about my nutrition.  I know, I know I eat horribly.  But, I have to eat better and I know there are things I can do, maybe I just need to see a nutritionist to get me started.  I will get it figured it out some how.   For now, I will keep on trucking with my work outs.

Nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment at the end of the workout – nothing.  It is the sweetest, sweatiest, most satisfying high out there.  And I freakin love it!

What are you up to?  Are you keeping up the swim?  Are you kicking ass and taking names?  Share with us!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Return of Lead Legs

***Strong language in this one kids….


Normally, when I see that there are running elements in my workouts, I prepare.  Mentally and Physically. I will do stretches through out the day, on my lunch, I will walk on my heels down the hall, push down on my calves as I go up the stairs, you know, little things during the process of my day.  I believe that is what is making it easier for me to run, or saunter-jog if you will.  Well, yesterday, I forgot. SWEET BABY JESUS! Did I ever pay the price!

The first run – I did ok – the second – Oh my Sweet Baby – thought I was gonna die.  I ran the whole thing, but when I was done, my calves were in so much pain, it was really hard to get up the stairs back into the gym.  One of the things I was taught on the stairs is to hang you heels off the stair and press down on them, it helps a lot, but last night – it hurt so bad.

After i made it back into the gym, box jumps was part of the next round. I love box jumps – now that I can do them, I like them a lot.  I could barely get myself on the box.  That was beyond frustrating.

I fucking hate that my body sucks. And I fucking hate that  my body is huge. And I fucking hate that  I am trying to better myself here and I can’t do things!  What the hell?!?!  It is beyond frustrating.  I couldn’t even do the last run.  I have never said ” I can’t” in any workout to any move  since I started.  And last night I said it – ” I can’t do the last run”  It was devastating to me.   Completely devastating.  UGH

I know, I know, it will get better when I lose some of this weight,  but it is such a kick in the stomach, trying to do this and not being able to.

Sorry for the rant, just had to get it out there.

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