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Shakin’ It – the key to running!

So seriously, you all know how me and running are not good friends…..well tonight my peeps, I found a way to make it a wee bit easier…… Let me explain…..


Tonight was really tough.  It was blistering heat and humidity to boot.  Lets just say this – after the warm up, I was sweating bullets.  Ready to die.  Then came the 12 minutes of squat cleans ” for practice” .  granted, I needed the practice but doing this ahead of the WOD made it so much harder.  Then came the WOD – Man makers and 200 meter runs – AMRAP.  Can I get a “SWEET BABY JESUS?!?!”

Holy Moly – it was a killer. Plus we did it out side which, i will admit, was better than doing it in the gym.  So, we are busting our butts and one girl comes back and says there are some sketchy guys by the spot where we need to run to.  So, me being the goof I am, start rubbing my belly and shaking it.  That will stop them from leering at my classmates!

So I run, and get to the spot where sketchy dude is at and I start shaking it! Shaking it while running! Holy Shit! I swear I moved faster! Then of course I had to start singing ” Milkshake”…


I think this is hilarious ^^^

I had some fun, cause if you are all serious, you are never gonna get anywhere, live a little and you will go far.

Plus I found out shakin it, make me move my booty faster.  I can’t exactly see me running a marathon shakin it but, hey, there is always a first time for everything!  How about we start the first shakin it run?  How fun would that be? We would only be able to shake it for a little bit , but wouldn’t it be funny to see a sea of people running towards you , shakin it?  HA!

We had some laughs, we had some fun, we worked our asses off and we kept swimming.   It was a GREAT workout!

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Daily Rants and Raves

You gotta make the time to Commit to You!

Last week was very busy for me, and this week proves to be just as busy – culminating at the end with the wedding of my good friends, Andrea and Lowell. So, knowing I will be stuffing my face with all sorts of goodies and most likely being drunk as a skunk, I damn well better make sure I get my workouts in.


No matter how busy we are, we always have enough time to make excuses.  I should know because I always had an excuse about why I could not work out or why I could not do something. I was famous for not having the right things lined up.  I felt I needed to have things a certain way to best optimize my process.  And when things would go wrong, it would totally knock me off my game. It would set me back and I could not move on.  What a load of crap!  UGH!

Why was I like that?  Why are any of us like that?  I can’t be the only one that struggles or else you wouldn’t be here reading this, lol.

Why is it so easy  to put things off that will actually help us?  And not just for us, but out loved ones?

For me, my weight just kept going up and going up and going up.  I would bitch and moan and kinda do something, but really half assed. I would not put in the work to change what I was bitching about.  I know I drove my husband nuts, cause I would bitch and he would say ” so do something about it”.  And I never really would.

When my weight hit the highest it had ever been, I knew I had to do something.  When all my clothes were so much tighter and I was getting 3x clothes, I knew I had to do something.  I knew I had to do something DIFFERENT.  I was telling myself I had to do something, falling into the same routine and then it happened.  My friend starting telling me about these classes she was taking.  I am thankful everyday that my friend Jamie introduced me to Befit, where I workout and my amazing coaches.  It was the right program for me at the right time.

For each of us, we need to find what works for us.  Christ, it took my 14 years to find what works for me and something I can dive into and something I can progress at.

But honestly, if YOU cannot commit to YOU, why should anyone else?  It has taken me such a long time to understand and really realize this.

Its my hope that along this journey, someone else may take those baby steps sooner than they would have to better themselves.


So yes, busy week, but you know I am hitting the gym! Worked out last night, tomorrow and Thursday, and even Saturday before the wedding.


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