Sabbatical ovah!

Hi there everyone!!!

A lil bit of my Massachusetts accent coming out in the post name, lol!

Boy, I didn’t realize how long its been since my last post.  I have so much to say and so many directions to go in.  Bear with me 🙂


First off, I need to acknowledge my funk.  Honestly, I am so frustrated with myself right now, I am just sick about it.  This time last year, I was deep into working out and making changes and seeing results.  Now, I am still working out, not as much for whatever reason, but I need to get back into it and make sure I am doing at least 3 days a week if not more.  I wish I could work out every day, seriously.  I have been stuck since December.  Still maintaining what I lost in terms of inches.  Still rocking the size 16, lol.  But I have gained back a few pounds.  Ugh.  I think part of my problem is my nutrition and lack there of .  I know I have talked about it before.  I am trying to find what works for me, cause I will never be a salad girl.  A work in progress still.  But I don’t want to focus on that right now in this post.   Another thing is it seems since I have plateaued my drive has not been as much or as strong.  I think that is the thing that bothers me the most.  I am vowing to get myself back on the right path.  I seriously tell myself to keep swimming to keep going.

So what if I hit a rather large bump along the road?  It is not going to hold me down.  No freakin way.  I have too much to get fit for.  Which leads me to my next topic:

Who Keeps you Healthy?

I was asked my friends over at the American Recall Center  to participate in their “Who Keeps You Healthy?” segment.  It sounds easy, but this is a great question.  One I ask of all of you as well.  Who does keep you healthy?   For me, it is most definitely my family.  I am doing this for myself, but I am doing it for my family, to be here and be present and be part of the exciting moments with them, actively,  not on the side lines.  This was so real for me recently.

I was lucky enough to be able to take one of my vacation weeks during April Vacation with my kids.  I don’t think that since I started working I have been able to do this.  Our first day of vacation, we went bowling with family and friends.  Bowling may not seem like a crazy physical activity to most, but to someone over weight there is a lot of bending and picking up involved, and don’t forget finding some shoes that fit, lol.  I had a pretty easy time of it!  Yuppers!

Cousins! My daughter Maddie and nephew Dexter waiting their turn to bowl!
Cousins! My daughter Maddie and nephew Dexter waiting their turn to bowl!

The next day was the big test for me.  We went to Battleship Cove in Fall River.    It’s this cool place where they have decommissioned battleships, submarines and other cool old military stuff. It never occurred to me that there may be tight spaces to squeeze through, or that the whole place was tight spaces.  When we entered the first ship, I was thinking that my kids are going to see me get stuck in a door or tight space, and how embarrassed I was going to be, and worst yet, how embarrassed my kids were going to be.  But as we started through the ships, it wasn’t so bad.  I was able to move about without an issue.  No stuck bums here!  This is exactly why getting myself together and getting fit is so important to me.  To be able to have fun with my kids is priceless.  Here are some of our pictures from our day:



Let me take a Selfie! Lol
Let me take a Selfie! Lol
My son Tyler and I
My son Tyler and I
My son Jason, my daughter Maddie and I
My son Jason, my daughter Maddie and I
See how small those doors are?!
See how small those doors are?!
She was so excited to take a picture with the " Shark Boat"
She was so excited to take a picture with the ” Shark Boat”
You can see how big the battleship is in this picture
You can see how big the battleship is in this picture


I am blessed that I am able to do these things now, I would of struggled so much before if I attempted it.  I am still a work in progress, but boy! Is this a great ” SWIM” or what?!?!?   SO folks, WHO drives you? Who helps you? Who is your cheerleader? We all have people that push us weather they know it or not.  I’d love to hear who your  team is!

My Workouts !/ Gym Time!

Even though I have been in a funk, I have still be making it to the gym at least 2 x week, not impressive, I know, but still, better than nothing.   Here are some of my recent workouts :

5 Rounds for time

200m plate run with 25 lb plate

15 Vups – supposed to be TTB, but we are not there yet and it was a lot, Vups will work on getting me to TTB

3 Rope Pull Ups – supposed to be rope climbs – Cha!

My time was 27:38

The run with the plates, whoa nelly.  That was tough.  I started my ” Just Keep Swimming” , gets me through 🙂

6 rounds for time

6 HSPU – on the wall, bending my arms and able to dip a bit 🙂

10 Power Cleans – 65 lbs

14 Alternating R/L pistols ( with rings)

My time was 23:11.

I gotta say, I freaking love doing HSPU, Can’t wait til I get to the point where I can bend all the way and push all the way back up!

10 Min AMRAP Box Jumps and Hang Cleans

5 Box Jumps 12″ box with 45 lb plate on top

5 Hang Cleans 75 lbs

10 Box Jumps 12″ box with 45 lb plate on top

5 Hang Cleans 75 lbs

15 Box Jumps 12″ box with 45 lb plate on top

5 Hang Cleans 75 lbs

20 Box Jumps 12″ box with 45 lb plate on top

5 Hang Cleans 75 lbs

15 Box Jumps 12″ box with 45 lb plate on top

I was happy with this – even more happy because I thought I was doing 65 lbs and I was doing 75! PR!

We also did strength that night.  Push Press.

I totally PR’d by getting up to 80 lbs!!! Yea ME!

30 Min time Cap – Running Burpees Squats

400 m run

10 Burpees

40 BW squats

200 m run

20 Burpees

40 BW squats

400 m run

30 Burpees

Thats as far as I got.  Running is now being incorporated since the weather is better here.  I have been using a calf stretcher before every class, OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS! Is that thing awesome!  It soooooo helps me.  Now, I can I get a sports bra that will hold these girls and a something to make my butt stop jiggling then this running thing is gonna be easy!

Forging Ahead

So folks, there you have it.  The past month or so rolled up .  If anything has become clearer to me, its that THIS IS A JOURNEY. And Journeys, my friends, take time.  I can’t let this recent bout derail me.  I am going to keep Swimming !  I gotta.  So what if things are exactly the way I planned them?  I love working out and I am going to continue with Cross Fit.  I can’t imagine my life without it! It is such a rush when I PR! It keeps me going.  This is a lifestyle now, and I will live it every day.

Until Next time folks! Don’t forget to catch me on Facebook too!

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Milestones, Things to Think About

Getting Back Into The Groove

I have been dreading this post.  Dreading it.  Why? I have to admit my failure and I have to put it in writing forever making the words real and alive.   So yes kids, I have failed.  But failed what exactly?  Let’s explore that shall we?

The past couple of months, I have been in a funk.  Yes, I still went to class, but for different reasons, not as many as I would of liked.  Different things were going on in my life, stressful things and at the end of the day, I was just plain ol’ exhausted.  Mentally and Physically.

I strayed from my path.  Like, really strayed. Like, 300 miles from the path.  I didn’t take care of myself as I should have. I ate crap. I drank crap.  And in the end, you guessed it, I felt like crap.

I gained some weight back and this is no surprise, but its the most painful part of my taking care of myself sabbatical.  This month, March 20th to be exact, will be my 1 year anniversary at Befit.  I dreamt of this day. I would be skinny.  I would have some beautiful pictures taken. I would feel good about myself.   I could inspire others.  I would make my family proud, and most of all, I would be proud of myself.  So yes, of course, as I traveled on this journey, some of these realistically would not be attainable. Such as the skinny part.  But as I go along, I was okay with that, knowing I would get there.  I was progressing, feeling good,  losing weight and getting fit.  I really let myself down.  Horribly.  And this is what hurts the most.  I did this to myself.   I Did This. No one else. I was a one gal train wreck .

I signed up for the 60 day challenge at my gym.  I half assed it. Not proud of it, but I didn’t dedicate myself to my goals as I should have.  And here we are near the end and I have no goals accomplished.  Again, my own fault.  And it stinks.

So, you see, I have failed.  Failed myself.

Then I got hit with the stomach bug.  2 days resting,  it was a good jump start for some weight loss, lol.  And honestly, that is what it became, a jump start.  When the bug finally left me, I felt renewed.

Then, this thing happened. Weather intentional or not, it made a difference. My coaches changed the gyms cover picture on Facebook. And who is there in a victory pose? ME.   It was taken the day I finished my first run without stopping.  It was an amazing feeling.  Seeing the picture, I was flooded with all the emotion from that day and all I have accomplished.   Maybe it was cause they  knew I was in a funk, maybe it was cause the picture fit the area needed, maybe it was divine intervention, but in any case, thank you to my coaches Holly and Jane for giving me the extra boost I needed.  Just another reason why my gym and coaches are amazing.

Now more than ever, I need to Just Keep Swimming !

Today it is a new week. It is a new day.  I started off awesome.  I took the hubs over to the gym here where I live.  It was empty which was nice, and they had barbells! I worked on my cleans,  my split jerks( I love those) , my back squats and even threw in some dead lifts.  I am guessing the bar was 45 lbs, making my work at 65 lbs, except the deadlifts, up to 135 on those. I didn’t want to over do it.  The cool part of all of this, was showing my husband different things I do.  I showed him different things with the dumb bells that we do in class. Snatches, my fav.  Then I showed him the get up sit ups we did the other day.  And threw some man makers at him.  He actually liked them! Weird, I know.  In any case, it felt great working out, and it felt great being able to share with my family.

I am really looking forward to class tomorrow. I am taking a crack at 14.2.  Excited and scared.  Not expecting much, but I am going to give it my all.

Getting back into the groove and it feels good.  Shaking off the past and screw ups and moving forward.

It’s also time for the Weekly One More!

Megs things

My Weekly One More is to be a better me.  I need to be better.  We all have something we can improve on.  Let’s take it and run with it.

How about you? How have you been doing? Would love to hear about what everyone is up to? Share with us!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Still Here!

I’m still here folks! Still trotting along.  Still swimming.

It’s been a hectic week.  Mother Nature is rearing her ugly head here in the Northeast this week.  So, I was only able to get 2 workouts in this week – ugh.

So – this is how I did this week”


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 squat cleans

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ring dips

I think we had 20 – 25 minutes to do this.  No one finished it.  You did the clean, then the dips.  My total was 58 reps.

But, here is the best part – I totally had a PR! I did my squat clean with 75 lbs!!!  I was super excited.  I didn’t care that I only got through half of the workout.  It is this stuff that means so much.  Plus, my squats are so much better… I know, I know. Who’d thunk? LOL  The ring dips, those are tough, man.  I used a green band.  Even though there were only 2 elements, this was a tough workout.  It always seems its the only ones that don’t look too bad, that end up kicking your ass.

HAHA! Thought this was funny!




25 time cap

5 Wall Climbs

10 Step Ups – 12 ” box with 15lb and 35 lb plate / 30 lb DB

15 V Ups

my time : 21:57

Boy oh boy, Wall Climbs.  I stink at these, yes, I can get up to the wall, but getting my body close to the wall, ugh.  Coach Jane was trying to help me.  She told me , “Once you get up, just slide your hands back.” Cha! Jane does always know how to push me the right way, but trying to ” slide” over 230 lbs on your hands, just ain’t happening. I tried.  I did , but felt like I was going to snap my arms in half.  Another goal to push for.

The step ups, I went for a higher step .  so now I am between the 12″ and the 18″. I am guessing 16″?? I started with 35 lbs like I have been using, but Coach Jane suggested going to 30 lbs so I can work on the higher step.  I was not easy but I did it.

V ups- or shin ups as I call them, since I cannot hit my toes yet, getting closer though.

This was a hard workout. I enjoyed it!


Due to mother nature being an asshole here lately, I have missed a class the past 2 weeks. She needs to cut the shit.  I have a big weekend next weekend, I want to look and feel good!   I am going to start doing things at home to keep myself in check, like sit ups, vups, push ups, squats.  I have got to keep swimming!

Lets hope for a better week next week!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Past Week


I will admit, I had a bit of a meltdown over that running workout.  But I got right back to it and worked out Wednesday and Thursday last week.  I have to give a big Thank You to everyone who took the time to comment, message me and share your kind words over my feelings with my running.  You guys are awesome!

So, this is how I did this week:


Rope Climb Practice – I can get on the rope now.  Off the ground, dangling and swinging, but I cannot climb it.  I still have a long ways to go.

40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest – 3 rounds each station


Box Jumps 12″ – I foolishly attempted the 20″ box – got a nice bruise and scrape from that one.


Wall Ball Sit Ups – 14 lbs

Kettlebell Swings – overhead – 35 lbs

Walking Plank Push Ups

Even though each interval was on 40 seconds, it was hard work!  And my leg was really sore for the box jump fail.


Barbell Snatch practice 35 lbs

3x 5 reps

20 Minute AMRAP

2 Turkish Get Ups R/L = 4 total  18 lb kettlebell

8 Toes To Bar – modified to knee raises

10 Pistols – used 12″box and 2 plates as a spot

I completed 5 rounds.

This workout I was dreading, I hate TGU’s, but I have to say, they were sooooo much better than I thought they were going to be.  I was super pleased with that.  Those have been dogging me for a while now.

Even though I started the week out with feeling like shit over my workout, it ended on a high note.

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Daily Rants and Raves

Set me on fire

I drove home from class last night so upset . It was a sweltering 48 degrees here in Massachusetts so we had a running workout .

I haven’t run for a while but I was looking forward to the challenge. I went into the WOD confident that I could do at least 3 of the 4 rounds in the time allowed 26 minutes . I have gotten stronger and I am progressing so I felt I could do better than I have done in the past . Not saying I am Carl Lewis by any means, or even the person who dusts off his sneakers for him, but I really thought that since I am doing better, my running would of not been so bad.

FAIL.  Massive Massive Massive Fail.  Ugh.

So, lets recap my class .  We did our warm up and went over the WOD.  It was:

4 rounds 26 min cap

30 DB Walking Lunges

15 Pullups

400 m run

I got my DB’s – I grabbed 20’s since my lunges still need improvement.  Practiced a bit , that was good, then over to the bar.  There it was decided that I would do ring rows since my pullups are not so great, there is no way I could do 15 and still get through even 3 rounds.  So ugh again – ring rows.

So this starts my deflation of the evening.  Then we start the WOD.  My walking lunges, yeah, took me longer than everyone, which I knew would happen.  Then onto the devil ring rows, then out for my run.  I felt great going down the stairs hitting the pavement, felt I had a good pace, but soon realized that no, I totally didn’t and I was ready to die.  Over and over, even out loud ” Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming” Those 3 little words have helped me so much.  Why is it that I am so ready to curl up into a ball and cry in the road when I do these things?  It is fucking hard. I mean WTF?  Why can’t I get over this hurdle? I know I know, run more.  Duh.  I am going to try and run more so I can do these 5 K’s I want to do and not die.

So, back to the WOD, I get back in  – round 1 done! Got right back into my walking devil lunges,  Back to ring rows, back outside – get back in round 2 down.  Round 3 Lunges were like someone set my legs on fire, so hard!  Back to the ring rows, where it felt like my arms were on fire, Then back outside for my run – where I wished someone would just set me on fire.  My last run was so slow going.  My legs would barely move.  On the plus side, my calves that used to bother me all the time when running weren’t bothering me.  I finally made it back in – round 3 done.  My time was 29:57.  Over the 26 minutes.  But at least I got 3 rounds.

I know in the big picture, I did ok.  I think I just got inside my own head.  It just stunk.

But I really thought about this.  I was going to blog last night night, but figured it would be too negative.  I was really upset and I let it get the best of me.

So – how do I fix this?  Well, as I said, set me on fire, right?

Just call me a Phoenix – rising from the ashes of my former self.


Reborn and ready to kick some ass!

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Daily Rants and Raves

A little extra

I was able to get squeezed in to the Saturday 10 am workout.  I was psyched! 4 workouts last week!

We worked on Push Press and Power Cleans before hitting the WOD.  I went up to 65 lbs.  After practice, the WOD was 3 rounds for time.

5 Pull ups – I used Green and tan bands

10 Push Press 65 lbs

20 Power Cleans 65 lbs

35 Body weight Squats

My time for 3 rounds was 18:54.

I think if I went lighter on the weights, I could of finished sooner, but I like the challenge.  Those damn squats is what killed me.

Life is retuning to normal.  Gotta get moving and working on all my goals!

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Things to Think About

The Weekly One More

Megs things

This journey for me has had its ups and downs. One thing that has remained the same is baby steps. Little steps to achieve and work towards my goals. It took me 14 years to put the weight on and its going to take a while to take it off. I am really disappointed in myself over my December . I really strayed off my path, but its a new year ! A new Month! And I am rolling out my new weekly challenge :
The Weekly One More!

Each week, I will do One More Healthy, Fitness Related, thing to better myself and work towards my goal.

Week 1: I had stopped drinking soda a while ago, but during the holidays the sugary sweetness started calling my name. So this week – I am cutting out soda again. Gotta get back on track!

Everyone can do this! The question is – do you want to? Are you ready to make the change and do better for yourself?

Are you going to take the Weekly One More Challenge? I would love to know what everyone is doing. Please share your challenges!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Lazy gal


Today I was a lazy gal.  I didn’t exercise, I didn’t eat good.  I wore big ol sweatpants most of the day.  It was a blah , lazy day.  I now have Lazy Day guilt.  I could of done so much, and instead did not do a damn thing.  I talk about commitment all the time, and today I failed.

I am recommitting to myself.

I get such great responses and feedback to this journey and this blog. I am going to try and post everyday, even if it is just a little paragraph or picture.  Cause I gotta keep on swimming and have to constantly remind myself of my success so I do not fall back into my failure.

Thanks for coming along on the swim.

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Daily Rants and Raves

A Week of Highs and Lows

Things are returning to their normal schedule here in our household.  Back to my normal schedule for classes.  Worked out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Mondays work out was tough, but I did it.  I am still having trouble with my squats and doing them properly,  attributed to my tight quads I suppose.  I had to resort to a rolling against a yoga ball on the wall to get them done properly, which I will admit, was pretty fun.

Wednesday we did planks.  As you can imagine with this hefty body, planks suck.  I can barely do them for 30 seconds, let alone the minute we had to do.  I know, as you are reading this, you are probably like ,its just a minute, no biggie.  Well, my friends – TRY IT.  It is not so easy.  So, of course I am struggling.  We had to do (3) sets of 1 minute planks.  First one, I think I held for about 30 seconds and had to drop.  Which is frustrating as hell to me.  Second set, my coach, Holly, said I want you to go for 40 seconds.  So we begin, and I was able to do at least 40 seconds before dropping.  Then, the 3rd set. We get up and she starts going ” you’re gonna do it Meg! Don’t you drop! You got it! Don’t drop Meg! Don’t drop! ” And I didn’t!!!!!! I held on by the grace of God for the whole minute!!!!!

Meg's Plank
Me doing my plank. I am the big gal in the pink shirt in the front. Photo Credit: Holly Leonard , BeFit Health and Wellness

After the planks, we had Kettle Bells swings and box jumps. I love box jumps. Now that I can do them, I really enjoy them. Kettle Bells on the other hand, not so much.  Plus, this night my weight was increased. I usually do the 26 lb and I was moved up to 36 lb.  My heaviest ever. Where I was standing in the gym, I was facing a window and since it was getting dark, I could see my reflection really well, like a mirror. It was horrible.  I thought, ” How motivating it would be” and instead, I saw this gross blob trying to exercise.  Sweet Baby Jesus, do I make some ugly ass faces when working out.  I suppose we all kinda do, but you just never see your self.  In my head I guess I would see myself as stronger and instead, I was just disgusting.  At least, I felt like I was.  Ugh.

Then we come to Thursday. We had dead lifts and 400 m runs.  I really wasn’t too worried about the runs since I have done the mile without stopping, I figured a few 400’s I could do. Slow of course , but doable.  We worked on our dead lifts first, I was able to get up to 120 lbs.  My heaviest yet! I was pretty happy with that.  Then in the WOD, we did lighter dead lifts, then the runs.  I was down to 95 lbs, we had to do 10 dead lifts, then run 400.  First set, I could do, slow, but not too bad.  Second set – forget about it.  Dead lifts went ok, but the running sucked – badly.  I couldn’t do it without walking. My legs were killing me.  I was so damn pissed. Incensed really.  I told myself, I am doing the next set and I will do the run with out stopping.  My body had other plans, I had walk even more then the third set.  I was furious! What the hell was going on?!?! I have not worked so hard to complete these to fail now.  So, of course, I was voicing my frustration to my coach, Jane.  And her with all her brilliance – made me see the light.  She said that I had lifted more than ever before and that put some more strain on my body. I essentially sacrificed my run for my lift.  But since it was a victory lift, it was ok.  Take the good with the bad.  So yes, I was pissed, but by the end of class, I was feeling better about my accomplishment of the night.   Thanks for the pep talk Jane!

I am signed up for 5 classes next week.  Let see how I do!

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Things to Think About

It has not been a good week….

Honestly, that is an understatement.  It has been a horrible, shitty, terrible, emotionally draining week.

My mother was admitted to the hospital on Monday and has been there ever since.  She is very ill.  She has a slew of medical issues which make everything so much worse.  This time it was trouble breathing that sent her to the ER.  She is still on oxygen.  There is so much more, but to relive and go through all her issues, we would be here all night.  There is no greater fighter on this earth than my mother.  I thank God for her everyday and pray to God every night that I get just one more minute with her. She has a crazy positive outlook on life, finding the happiness within the darkest hours.  That is what gets us through.  I just want her to be better and to not be in pain.  I want her to be “normal” like she wants.  She deserves better than the hand she has been dealt, but she handles it with grace.

So, as of this week , I have not worked out.  I need to get back.  I feel my body expanding.  Every night this week I went to work and went straight from work to the hospital.  I could of gotten a walk in when I got home from all that, but I am so tired.  I way overstuffed my face this weekend, thinking , I will be at class next week and work it off. Ugh.

And this is what always happens to me. I get going, I am doing great, feeling good – then bam! My world is rocked. Something happens and I fall off the wagon, rather, have that terrible wagon wreck.  Just so happens this time my world is my Mom.

Now more than ever, I need to be healthy.  I need to be my best.  So this time – my world is not being rocked – more like a slight bobble.  I will be back at my classes next week, continue to eat better and succeed! I need to keep swimming, for my momma.  She is so proud of me and this journey and I can’t let her down.

How do you deal with the bumps in the road that come up?

This is the board in my Mom’s room with our goals for her 🙂


Good night everyone! Hug your Momma’s tight!

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