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The Weekly One More

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This journey for me has had its ups and downs. One thing that has remained the same is baby steps. Little steps to achieve and work towards my goals. It took me 14 years to put the weight on and its going to take a while to take it off. I am really disappointed in myself over my December . I really strayed off my path, but its a new year ! A new Month! And I am rolling out my new weekly challenge :
The Weekly One More!

Each week, I will do One More Healthy, Fitness Related, thing to better myself and work towards my goal.

Week 1: I had stopped drinking soda a while ago, but during the holidays the sugary sweetness started calling my name. So this week – I am cutting out soda again. Gotta get back on track!

Everyone can do this! The question is – do you want to? Are you ready to make the change and do better for yourself?

Are you going to take the Weekly One More Challenge? I would love to know what everyone is doing. Please share your challenges!

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