Daily Rants and Raves

Turkish Getups – She-Ra Style!

Tonights workout had Turkish Getups in it.  If you are familiar with Cross Fit -then you may know what they are. If not – here is a picture:


So why do you care? Welp, when I started my classes we did them one night and I could not get my fat ass off the ground and bring my leg down underneath me ( figures 7 and 8) . And of course I could not do it with weights. But tonight ! TONIGHT I COULD DO IT!!!!  Up and down – down and up – I did it! Still with no weights – but it is way better than I did before.  So my coach Jane tonight gave me a plastic dowl to use to hold up instead of the weight so I could focus on the movement .


I felt like She-Ra holding up her sword.


So yeah picture me like this ^^^^ except fatter, brunette and I am no princess, lol.

It was such a great feeling knowing I am busting my butt and getting better at stuff.


You gotta keep swimming folks! How else are you gonna hold up your sword?

Meg   🙂