Today, my people, is my birthday. Yes, July 4th,  is my birthday.  Thought it was fitting to really think about where this past year has taken me and where I have taken myself.  I made the decision to get off my fat ass and start getting healthy this past year.  BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

I have made changes for the better for myself and in the long run, my family.  And probably for the 1st time in my life, this process has made me so proud of myself!   And there is so much more to come!   I have been saying forever that I want to do something amazing.  I probably drive my husband crazy saying it.  But , you know what?


Every workout, we all kinda grumble over the workout, but then I said – its the sense of accomplishment at the end that makes it all worth it! And it is!  I have never in my life enjoyed busting my ass more than I do right now.  I cannot believe some of the shit I can do now.  And in the scheme of things, I am just starting.  It is such a great feeling. 

I am able to say without a doubt, that I am so happy right now with myself.  This is hugeBeyond huge. Huger ( if that is even a word)  than huge .  I suppose no one understands the weight of these words besides me, but as I write this, I am overcome with emotion.

I will keep it short and sweet today.   Go out there and have yourself a great 4th! Be safe!

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