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Planking with style

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I am not progressing at the gym like I would like. Mainly because I can’t get there as much as I’d like. Even though its only 2 days a week, its been a struggle. If I run late at work (which tends to happen at least once a week) I can’t make it to class on time. It is what it is. So, I was going to quit the gym for now until I can commit fully to the 2 times a week. They told me I could do 1 time per week. Its not ideal, but at least I know I can get there 1 time a week and I am still trying. I feel like this is a neverending journey. I am always going to have to try and keep at it. And for fucks sake, I need to lose these 15 lbs! Ugh.

Moving forward ! Went to class tonight . Let me tell you bitches…. I rocked it. I felt amazing! It has been a while since I left the gym happy with how I did or what I did. I am ALWAYS the fat chick. And with being the fat chick, comes modifications to the movements. Its discouraging but, I gotta move anyway I can . I really love these classes because the structure is perfect for me. Short intervals of all the movements.

Every class we plank. Multiple times . And multiple times a night i can’t hold the plank. Even though its just a minute, I usually break.

BUT NOT TONIGHT PEOPLE!!!! Thats right! This fat ass held each and every plank!!!! The whole time!!! Huge for me. I know it seems so small, but man, I was PUMPED!

Every class we usually use the treadmills. Again, short periods of time, but again its a treadmill and running. My nemesis. I have been working myself up to running every time. Its been slow going.

BUT NOT TONIGHT PEOPLE!!!! Thats right again. This bitch ran on the treadmill each time. Me!

I know that these victories are small and will seem small to most of you , but to me, tonight was freaking awesome. This journey has been so long, with ups and downs like crazy. Filled with disappointment in myself. BUT NOT TONIGHT PEOPLE!!! I am so proud of myself.

I have done Crossfit. Not perfectly , but I got some excellent training and form. I can say that , the moves I can do , I do have good form. Its getting the rest down thats an issue. I want to be able to do each move the proper way . I get so down on myself . But then I look over at the people in class, and I am doing some of these moves with better form. Another little victory for me! I am not judging everyone for their skill set. Just merely using it for my own self esteem, lol.

All in all, despite my being upset with myself as of late in the gym, I am so happy with tonight. It feels good. So damn good. Now my issue will be to see if I can do it next class!

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Back where I belong





Happy Tuesday Folks!

Like I said, I was back at class last night, and SWEET BABY! Did it feel good!

Granted, I scaled the whole workout, but who cares? I did so much better than I thought I would.  And that is freaking awesome to me!

Here is the workout and How I did:


Back Squats 15lbs ( training bar, but that is ok)

Burpees over the bar

200m run


My back squats, I was so okay with just the training bar.  Even the 15 lbs was a struggle.  Burpees – You know how much I hate those damn things, but I did them.

My biggest surprise of the night was the running.

As you can recall, me and running, we are not exactly friends, more like mortal enemies.

There was (4) rounds of the 200m run, so I dove right in.  I did my saunter-jog.  Not walking, not quite running, but moving at a steady pace.


My calves were on fire!  But I didn’t walk.  I JUST KEPT SWIMMING!!!

I know, I know, it was only 200 m each time, but for me, that is huge!!!


Take the Little victories where you can folks!!!

Have an Incredible Day !!!!

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Color Me Rad!

Yesterday I participated in my second 5k.  Color Me Rad at Kimball Farm in Haverhill.  I was completely unprepared for this, but for me, this race was not about beating my time, it was about hanging with my girls, having fun and getting messy with colors being thrown at me.  Mission Success!

For those who are unfamiliar with a Color Run – you wear light colors and run/ walk the race . Through out the race there are different stations where they throw corn starch ” Color bombs ” at you.  So, by the end, you are basically a tie dyed mess.  The colors washed off when I got home, but the laughs are going to remain 🙂


There were tons of people there.  I went with my friends Kristina, Christel, and Melissa.  Loud music, stage with folks dancing and being silly to win prizes, free iced tea and picture ops.  We got in line to get our numbers and we were told there were no more safety pins.  That started our day of laughs, how were we going to keep the number on ourselves?  I opted for placing it in my cleavage for the time being.  We got our t shirts and we got sunglasses.  They had photo ops in different spots, we took our ” before ” picture and took some with the color bombs in different poses. During the wait in one of these lines for pictures, I started asking folks if I could have 1 of their safety pins.  Eventually we got 4 from random people so  we could at least have our number pinned to us somehow.  After that,  We hung out for a bit until it was time to get in line for our wave.


Here is our before pic – complete with the Photo Bomb !

Me, Melissa, Christel, Kristina - unknown gal photo bomber in the back
Me, Melissa, Christel, Kristina – unknown gal photo bomber in the back

And we were off, it moved really slow, so I was psyched, thinking ” Okay, maybe I CAN run this”.  We ran into our friend Jen from the gym during the first stretch.  Then we round a corner to this ridiculous hill.  Steep and covered in mud – not intentional for the race, but mother nature.  The first “SWEET BABY JESUS” of the day was let out.  So here I am trying to climb this stupid hill , they had these little ropes for people to hold on to, my feet keep slipping.  All I can think is my feet are going to slip, I am going to fall and all these little folks behind me are going to be knocked over like bowling pins when my body comes crashing down the hill.  Thank goodness I made it to the top with no crashes!

We get to the top and see the lay of the land.  Or rather should I say the slant of the land.  The course was carved out of the fields of the farm, basically, they mowed part of the field and created the track.  So, yeah, the grass and unevenness of the path was wonderful to attempt to run on.  I cannot imagine how many rolled/ sprained ankles there were.  It was really hard to run on for me.  So, at that point , Melissa and I opted to walk it.  Which still was difficult, but there were tons of people who made the same decision.  They had different photogs set up along the route, so when we got close, we would do actions shots like we were running.  Make it look good, lol.  So, we kept moving, we hit all the color stations.  One of them was this liquid blue one, brrr… it was cold.  Got all over my hands too, I looked like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka.

We trekked through the course and finally had the finish in our sites.  I tried to run down the finish line, it was soooo un even, lucky I did not not trip. But at the finish were my girls, cheering us on.  Awesome feeling!  We ended up with a time of about 50 minutes.  I didn’t think that was too bad, since my running 5 k time is 45  minutes.  But honestly, who cares?  It was about having fun.  At the finish we also got to see 2 of our other gym gals, Kelly and Cristina come across the finish.

The absolute best part of they day was watching Melissa’s friend Jen make her way to the finish line.  It was her first 5 k.  I remember mine and the feeling of accomplishment is so overwhelming when you make that commitment to yourself.  It was a really tough course to do as your first 5k.  I don’t even know her, but I was so proud of her.  I am so glad I got to share in her moment.

Its moments like those that make this journey so freaking awesome.  We meet these amazing people and we all share the same goals.  We all cheer each other on.  Its just what we do.  Cause, who doesn’t need a cheering squad, right?

Here are some more pics from our day :

Kristina and Me
Kristina and Me

Me and Melissa
Me and Melissa

Color bombs going up!
Color bombs going up!

# Letmetakeaselfie
# Letmetakeaselfie

Finally taller than Christel!
Finally taller than Christel!


Amazing girls!!!
Amazing girls!!!

Finish Line!
Finish Line!


Me and Christel post  race
Me and Christel post race


Bad Ass BeFitters at the finish!!!
Bad Ass BeFitters at the finish!!!


So, no, I did not break any personal records.

So, no, I did not run the whole thing.

So, no, I will not be making the cover of Runners Weekly.


But, I had one hell of a day ! It was a freaking blast and I cannot wait to have even more people to do it with next year.



And one more pic for my girls :

” Mount a Llama and ride it to the finish!”



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Who am I ?






This blog as most of you know is about my journey.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the ridiculous, the hilarious, the struggles and the triumphs.  This year, I will admit, I am really not proud of myself at all.  Honestly, I am really in a funk and I freaking hate it.  So , of course, you are saying to yourself,  ” So do something about it”.  Of course, that is the obvious answer.  And Lord knows I am trying.  This lack of working out and extreme funk is effecting me on all levels.  I suppose I never would of that that it would, but I guess the reality is, I have changed my life , I have changed my lifestyle. Weather or not, I am sticking to it, is one thing, but my body is reacting to the lack of exercise for certain.  Thank goodness I am still holding onto my size drop, but alas, there have been pounds gained.

I LOVE working out.  I am dying during it, but the rush when the workout is completed , is like nothing I have felt before.  I really think that for such a long time I felt so bad about myself.  My self esteem was horrible, I suppose on some level it still is, but through this journey, I have shown myself that I am pretty darn amazing 🙂

I want to continue and I want to get out of my funk.  If I could find a way to workout everyday, I would so do it.  I guess all of this is about balance.  I just need to find mine.

I did get a run in today.  Felt good to get moving.  Did not run as far as I would of liked, but a run is a run.  I will so not be ready for my color run on Saturday, but thats okay.  A bunch of my gym buddies will be there, so it will be fun.

When I started this, one of my goals was to run a 5k.  I did my first 5k last November.  The more I get to know my body and workout more,  I kinda think I am over running.  I would so much rather lift weights and do a workout than run.  Don’t get me wrong, I still will run and still want to be able to run, but as far as the bucket list is concerned, we met that goal. lol.

One of the biggest things about me, is I can’t keep my emotions or my feelings in.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am a horrible liar. I am honest and upfront.  I suppose it is good and bad, but it is what it is.  I don’t know how to not be like that.  I like sharing my life, I like sharing my stories, I like hearing people and their stories.  I guess that is why I enjoy this whole blogging world.

So, yeah, I share my gym stories good or bad with those around me.  Sometimes, I can tell my kids don’t want to listen. And my husband, forget about it.   But my momma, welp, she always listens to me. I can call her up and start spouting off my workout and she just listens.  I have called her and literally said ” I know you will have no idea what I am talking about, but just listen” and she does.  I don’t always say it, but it means the world to me.    And it’s not just workout stuff, I can call her with anything.  I think we all need that person we can just vent to and let go with.  Thank you Mum!

I guess this is kinda a mish mosh of thoughts, but its been kinda a mish mosh day.  Here is to a great week for all of us!

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Back to Normal – With a New Look!

I needed a little bit of a upgrade.  Something fresh for the blog.  I like it! Hope you do too! Figured since I have been quiet for 3 weeks – I would come blazing back . I have been super super busy lately.  Work has been crazy, to say stressful would not even come close.  The hubs changed jobs, my son went to Disney with the band.  Just lots going on.

With that lots going on, I have only been able to make it to class about 2x week instead of my usual 3x. And, boy , is this body feelin’ it! I need to get to class more, fit them in.  I have been stuck at my weight too.  I know it is because I have not been doing everything I need to.  Time to step it up!

When last I blogged, I was going to attempt 14.5.  Major Fail.  There was no way I could do it RX as long as I needed to . Just no way, so I did ” Jack ” that night instead – pulled out an PR! Thank you to everyone for the support and encouragement as I attempted my first Open.

I have had some great workouts though, over the past few weeks! Here is some of how I did :

3/31 “Jack is a Cross Fit Benchmark workout.  I actually did this RX! I was so excited.

20 min AMRAP

10 Push Press 75 lb

10 KB Swings 35 lbs

10 Box Jumps 20″

I got through 5 +3 rounds.  I was really pumped!

4/2 for Time

500 m row

3 rounds

12 Pistols ( done with the rings)

8 Knees to elbow ( or as close as I could get)

500 m row

3 rounds

12 Pistols ( done with the rings)

8 Knees to elbow ( or as close as I could get)

500 m row

My time was 18:23.  We recently changed up how they modify pistols for those of us that can’t do them yet and It is way more challenging.  I feel like I get a better workout using the ring method.

4/7 for time

Its getting to be nicer out – so that means running returns to the workouts.  Dreaded it, but Love it!

400 m run

3 rounds

3 HSPU – which I can actually do now!!!!!

9 Deadlifts – 95 lbs

400 m run

3 rounds

3 HSPU – which I can actually do now!!!!!

9 Deadlifts – 95 lbs

400 m run

My time was 28:22

I am glad I can finally do HSPU. Still have a ways to go as far as getting down further, but I can hold myself up and then I can move myself down – Freaking progress people! Whoo Hoo!


4/10 for time

1000m row

100 Double unders – finally got some of my DU “swing” back – I used a speed rope and was able to bang out 4-5 in a row through the 100

75 KB Swings 35 lbs – At this point in the workout, I was struggling.  I had to do 5 swings at a time, I was pooped!

50 Grasshoppers – by far the easiest thing of this workout

25 Power snatches 65 lbs – At this point I was lucky to finish and not drop the bar on my head, but my awesome coach Holly was right by my side through the last of it, encouraging me and pushing me.

Final time 24:08


There you have it – a few of my workouts from the past few weeks.

In other news, I went for a run tonight.  I have been doing some calf exercises to loosen then up , but they got really tight tonight.  I walked it out and decided to see if I can run faster.  I mean, yes, technically , we all CAN run faster, but could I do it? I booked it.  Not sure how far I ran, maybe 100 – 200 m but I will say I found it a lot easier than ever before.   I just need a super sports bra.  Boy, did it hurt my girls, lol.  And my toosh!  I need a super  sports bra/ butt combo.  Haha.  If anyone hears about one, please let me know 🙂  Need to kick up the running – have a 5K on 5/31.


Feeling good about things right now! Looking forward to the future.

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Phoenix Rising

Some of you may recall a few weeks ago, I was a bit down about my running.  Set me on Fire.   And, as you may recall, I am a Phoenix, I am going to rise and be even more awesome than before. 🙂

So, yesterday was another balmy 40 degrees here in Massachusetts, so I decided, I needed to go for a run.  I need to work on my running.  So, what the heck, right? Lets do it.

I put out the Facebook word to see if anyone wanted to go for a run – my brother in law, JR, answered the call.  I gotta hand it to him, he was a great running partner, keeping me going and keeping me above my pace, without me even realizing it.  My goal was to get at least a mile since I have not run that far in a while.  I usually run at 15 min mile.  Yesterday, I did 1.34 miles in 18:50 – did a 14 min/mile!  Shaved a minute off my pace! So happy about that.  There are quite a few runs I want to do this year, so I need to work on this.

When I put the call out to see if anyone wanted to run, one of my pals from the gym piped in and suggested running today = so , you guessed it.  We are going to run the lake in Wakefield.  Hoping I can make at least 2 miles, but with a buddy, I might just be able to do the whole thing 🙂



Wish me luck ! Gotta Keep Swimming!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Set me on fire

I drove home from class last night so upset . It was a sweltering 48 degrees here in Massachusetts so we had a running workout .

I haven’t run for a while but I was looking forward to the challenge. I went into the WOD confident that I could do at least 3 of the 4 rounds in the time allowed 26 minutes . I have gotten stronger and I am progressing so I felt I could do better than I have done in the past . Not saying I am Carl Lewis by any means, or even the person who dusts off his sneakers for him, but I really thought that since I am doing better, my running would of not been so bad.

FAIL.  Massive Massive Massive Fail.  Ugh.

So, lets recap my class .  We did our warm up and went over the WOD.  It was:

4 rounds 26 min cap

30 DB Walking Lunges

15 Pullups

400 m run

I got my DB’s – I grabbed 20’s since my lunges still need improvement.  Practiced a bit , that was good, then over to the bar.  There it was decided that I would do ring rows since my pullups are not so great, there is no way I could do 15 and still get through even 3 rounds.  So ugh again – ring rows.

So this starts my deflation of the evening.  Then we start the WOD.  My walking lunges, yeah, took me longer than everyone, which I knew would happen.  Then onto the devil ring rows, then out for my run.  I felt great going down the stairs hitting the pavement, felt I had a good pace, but soon realized that no, I totally didn’t and I was ready to die.  Over and over, even out loud ” Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming” Those 3 little words have helped me so much.  Why is it that I am so ready to curl up into a ball and cry in the road when I do these things?  It is fucking hard. I mean WTF?  Why can’t I get over this hurdle? I know I know, run more.  Duh.  I am going to try and run more so I can do these 5 K’s I want to do and not die.

So, back to the WOD, I get back in  – round 1 done! Got right back into my walking devil lunges,  Back to ring rows, back outside – get back in round 2 down.  Round 3 Lunges were like someone set my legs on fire, so hard!  Back to the ring rows, where it felt like my arms were on fire, Then back outside for my run – where I wished someone would just set me on fire.  My last run was so slow going.  My legs would barely move.  On the plus side, my calves that used to bother me all the time when running weren’t bothering me.  I finally made it back in – round 3 done.  My time was 29:57.  Over the 26 minutes.  But at least I got 3 rounds.

I know in the big picture, I did ok.  I think I just got inside my own head.  It just stunk.

But I really thought about this.  I was going to blog last night night, but figured it would be too negative.  I was really upset and I let it get the best of me.

So – how do I fix this?  Well, as I said, set me on fire, right?

Just call me a Phoenix – rising from the ashes of my former self.


Reborn and ready to kick some ass!

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Little Moments




It has been a busy week, seriously, when is it not? Anyways – Big News! to me, at least ……


Not Me, lol


I know for just about everyone this is not even remotely a big deal – but for me – IT IS GINORMOUS!  I have not been able to do a quad stretch since I started classes.  Every time in the warm ups when we do walking quad stretches, I run over to the rig and pull my leg behind me with a band.  I hate it.  I hate that I can’t do them after all this time. So, the other night in class we were doing them at the end of class stretch, and I was able to do it on my right side! Hooray! And yes, just the right side, not the left, but its a start! I will take it! It is these little moments that mean more to me than anything.  The little victories.  The non scale victories.  It feels good, real good.  What about you, any non scale victories to share with us?

Onto my classes this week.  In addition to Monday’s class, I also went to class on Wednesday and Thursday.  Here is how I did:


800 m run

5 Front Squats 60 lbs

200 m run

10 Pull ups

400 m run

15 KB swings 35 lbs

800 m run

5  Front Squats 60 lbs

200 m run

10 Pull ups

So, this WOD was rough.  It was supposed to be 3 rounds in 35 minutes, no way that was happening. As you can see, I got through 1 2/3 rounds.   I dread and love the running workouts.  I will say , I feel my running is getting better, more consistent.  I am definitely better at the beginning of the runs, now I just need to keep it going.  More Little Moments to be proud of.  More realizations.  I also went up in my weight for my front squat.  Only 5 lbs, but it is still going up.  Proud of that.

ThursdayTABATA 20:10:8

We did a Tabata workout on Thursday, 20 seconds each movement, 10 seconds rest , 8 rounds for each movement.  For my own knowledge, I kept track of my reps, so here is how I did over the 8 rounds.

Ring Rows  50

Burpees 17

Lateral Hop Squats 72

Front Plank

Sandbag Sprints


I struggled the most with the plank as usual.  I think I would of been better off just staying up during the rest than starting and stopping.  Planks are so mental.  I need to zone out to take my mind of the fact that I am holding up so much weight.  Grasshoppers I find to be fun as long as its a good song playing with a good beat, makes it so much easier.

Another interesting thing that happened this week was a conversation I had with some co-workers today.  We started talking about weight loss and one of them asked if I have heard of Cambogia.  Yes, I have.  And from what I gather, this is the next crazy  herbal supplement  craze, it is a fat buster and you never need to exercise. ( Now, I have not tried this myself, so I cannot say if it works or not.)  I told them that I have tried it all, and yes, it took me years, but there are no quick fixes, no pills, it is HARD WORK.  Plain and simple.  And that is the truth.  It took me forever to get into a routine and be proud of myself.  I am darn proud of how far I have come, and I am even prouder that I did this myself.

Have any of you tried this Cambogia?  If so, please share your thoughts.  I am interested to read peoples experiences.

The very best way I have found to keep on track is to Just Keep Swimming!

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5 K – Check!

You read it correctly! I finished my first 5 K today! And it feels AWESOME!!!

Lets go back to the beginning of the week : Mondays nights class, I ran, felt good.  By Wednesday full on cold had set in.  I think it was more of a sinus infection since my head and eyes were killing me.   I was taking everything I could find.  Felt like crap.  Still had to work, so I  couldn’t rest like I wanted to.  When I am sick – I need rest, so building up to this run, I was kind of freaking out.   I  was terrified of this run.  I was even more devastated at  the thought of not being able to do this thing I had been building myself up for.

Well, I was able to have Saturday off , so I rested , all day.  And when I woke up today…. I felt so much better!

So at the crack of dawn, we piled into the car and headed to the run.  It meant a lot to me that my husband and kids were coming with me.

When we arrived, I had to pickup my bib.  My very first number!

I’m official !

I met up with some other gals from the gym and we headed to the start line.  Got my Map my run app going, tunes were on, and we were off!  The first mile I felt good, kinda of kept up with people too.  First mile I was done in about 13:30 minutes. I was psyched!  I Kept going , the crowd around me was dwindling out , as I knew it would. The run today had a turnaround point where you came back the way you went.  So , as I was chugging along, I was seeing all the gals from the gym coming down the other side on their way back.  It was great to look up and see happy faces encouraging me.  At the 2 mile mark is when my feet started to go numb, not sure if that is a normal thing for someone running or not, or if it is normal for an overweight person running, but it happened.  But I kept going, Just Keep Swimming!   Around 2  1/2 miles, The song ” Brave ” by Sara Barilles came on my phone.  It was awesome! I kept moving and moving.  Hit 3 miles! I was so happy to be near the end.  Just Keep Swimming!  I took my headphones out for the final stretch.  Then along side me, my friend Melissa from the gym.  We were going to cross the finish line together!

We ran up to the finish line, I look up and who do I see? My sweet nephew Dexter! And my brother in law, Mark.  I had no idea they would be coming.  Then I look and see my husband Chad, and my kids Tyler, Jason , and Maddie, cheering me on at the finish line.  Then at the end, my sister Rachel!  It was such an amazing feeling to finish.  It was awesome to finish along side my bud Melissa.  And it was the absolute best to finish with my family watching.

Here are some pictures from the finish line:


Just Keep Swimming!!!



My son’s hand sticking out as we run through the finish

I don’t even know how to describe how I feel finishing this run.  I am so overcome.  I finished, but now I want to do better.  My results are below:

Place No.  Name                Div/Tot  Div   Ag S City         St Nettime Pace  Guntime Pace 
276  385 Megan Ashworth       57/61   F3039 33 F North Andove MA   45:04 14:31   45:27 14:38

I didn’t finish last, almost, lol, 276 out of 293, but its a start and I am pretty darn proud. It is something to work on.  Another goal to crush.  I can’t be stopped! I am going keep moving and keep swimming.    It was a great day.

If you learn anything from my blog, I hope it is to never give up, no matter the odds.  We all have greatness within us, sometimes it just takes a while for our spark to be lit.  My spark is on fire! And there ain’t no way it is burning out any time soon.

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Haters Step Off!

I have done some amazing things on this journey. Well, things I feel are amazing.  I have been at this now since March and I feel great.  I have gotten wonderful compliments and feedback from so many people.  But as soon as I said I was doing a 5K, things changed.  People in my gym have been nothing but extremely supportive, but people outside of the gym, and even some family have not been.  The other day was the last straw, so I took to the Less Thighs More Thunder Facebook Page and posted a little rant.  For those who are not on Facebook, here is what I wrote :

I am pumped and terrified about my first 5k. But let me say this – I am adult, I know my body and I, above anyone else know what I can do. So what on Gods green earth makes people think I am NOT ready for this?!?! Yes, I am over weight, yes, I am a slow runner, yes, its gonna take me a while, but so help me, if I hear one more time… ” You sure you can do this? You sure you want to do this? Are you really sure?” I am gonna drop kick someone! Ugh! Have faith people! I HAVE GOT THIS!!! ….. i feel better now”

It was driving me nuts – to keep having people ask me if I am ready, if I think I can do it. I didn’t understand why all of of sudden people were thinking I Couldn’t do it.   I was just really bothered by it. The last comment I got was from my grandfather, now , granted he is almost 90 years old but after it infuriated me, it made me think.  I started talking about it with my oldest and his response when I asked him about it was ” Aren’t you jumping the gun just a bit?” I asked him why he said that.  He said, “shouldn’t you do a 3k first? ” I explained that I have already run farther than 3k.  He said ” Oh”.  Then it dawned on me, these people have no idea what I have done or what I am capable of.  The folks in class, they see me, they are are also doing it themselves, everyone else, just has to take my word for it, that I can do it.  I guess my 33 lbs weight loss isn’t convincing enough.

So, my 5K is a week from today. I know I can do a 5k. I know I can , but I have yet to run that far. So, yesterday, one of my friends from the gym and I set out to run Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield  My goal was to do at least 2 1/2 miles. It was rough for me, but running with someone, definitely helps someone like me.  My friend Christel was an awesome running partner.   By the time we were done, I had run my own 5k! I just kept going and in the end, I freaking did it!

I gotta admit, I  was so overcome that I actually did it, I cried.

I squished the haters! I was victorious!


 I am going to finish my race next week, I am not going to let anyone hold me down.  I got this!

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