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Obesity a disease? What the frack?

I read that the American Medical Association has classified Obesity as a disease.  I, myself, find this to be horseshit.  How on earth can this be? To be obese, it is a choice. You have made the choice to do nothing, thus leading you to your obese status.

I understand that there are medical issues that may cause you to be heavier than you would like, and I understand there are medications that pack on the pounds.  But – no matter what – you can always do something to get moving and start losing weight.  Staying still never lost a pound.

So what happens now? You are obese and instead of doing something about it, people will file for and most likely get disability.

So, instead of offering more programs for people and making exercise and well being more accessible, we create a bunch of people living off the system cause they love twinkies.


I know that not everyone will agree with my feelings, but I feel that it is this mentality that is causing the obesity.

When will people take responsibility for themselves and their actions?  Why should they as long as Uncle Sam is there to foot the bill?

WE need to get off our asses and start taking charge of our bodies.  Until we start doing that, the ” Obesity Disease” will continue to spread.

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