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NSV : The sweetest of all the victories

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I want to talk about NSV’s.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, NSV means :

NON SCALE VICTORY :   a way to measure your weight loss program without the measure of a scale

NSV’s are great cause I find its those, that are the every day reminders of this journey.  My latest NSV happened this week.  I ordered pants on Zulily .  For those that have not shopped on Zulily – its great! Great prices , but everything ships out weeks after you order it.  As well as most things are final sale hence the lower prices.  But, I love it. 

So, I ordered some capris at the beginning of the summer. They arrived this week.  I ordered the wrong size. UGH. But I figured I would see if I could fit my fat ass in them anyways.  And wouldn’t you know?!??! My Fat ass fit in them! A size smaller!   

That’s a NSV!

Some other ones I have experienced :

Being able to cross my legs ( unassisted not pulling my legs up with my arms )

Able to walk longer with no issues – this I am so happy about!

Have fit into clothes without “W” in the size – not fully out of plus size but getting there

Here’s the great thing about NSV’s – they are YOURS. Whatever you feel is a victory . It is yours and you earned that shit!

So , I want you to think about that . What are some of your NSV’s?  I’d love for you to share.

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Daily Rants and Raves

Blue and Green Walk

This past Sunday I proudly walked in the Boston Blue and Green Walk .  It was to raise awareness for Organ and Tissue Donation.  My dear, sweet, momma was the recipient  of not 1, but 2 Kidneys.  She also received countless blood transfusions.  The need for organ donation is so high.  So many people are on numerous lists waiting and waiting and waiting for organs.  Life saving organs.

My mother was such a believer in organ donation and everyone being organ donors.  We were so very lucky that we had family that donated to my mom. My aunt and my cousin truly gave the gift of life.  They alone gave us so many more years with her that we would not have had with her.  There can never be enough thanks to them for those gifts.

It was such a positive day , full of inspirational stories.  We completed the walk, it ended up being about 2.75 miles. I had a huge NSV ( non scale victory ) where I actually did the walk without struggling.  Like for really reals, I did it and didn’t die, lol. Huge for me.  Maybe I am starting to turn a corner.

Here are some pictures from our day :


I only found out about this walk a few weeks ago, next year, I hope to get a big team together for it.

It seems like this month has just sucked on a whole.  I’m looking forward to some better days ahead.  Sometimes, we all just need a break.  I feel like that at some point we are all due to for that break.  I think its my turn.

Gotta Keep Swimming!!!!