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Hello there peeps!

I know its been a bit and  I am sorry for that.  Truth is, its been a crappy summer as far as my fitness is concerned.  I went back to class this week, but the early am class. 5 am.  That was tough, but I gotta make it work because I NEED to get my workouts in.  Honestly, I am so darn disappointed in myself.  Granted, I did not fall completely off the wagon, but my wagon took such a detour, its in another country right now.  I could of been in a completely different place on my journey and that sucks.  We have a lot going on ( I know I always say that ) but that’s the realness here.

We all have shit.  Good. Bad. Indifferent.  Who we are and how we react dictates who we are.  Now, you could knock me , as you should, for letting my shit take me down a few notches.  I looked at it, and this summer, I went to 7 classes.  7.  Sweet Baby Jesus.  So pissed at myself.  The old Meg would of let this set back derail her and I have yet to do that. So there, victory.  And thank goodness, I have not gained back all the weight.  I will admit, I have gained back some, but we are not at Def Con 5 status yet with the weight.

So, I went back this week.  It was the Cross Fit Benchmark Nancy.  If you recall, I have done Nancy before.  But, when I woke up at 4 am and saw that, I was like ” You gotta be kidding me”.  My first day back and its freaking running! Ugh.  I almost got back into bed.  But I can’t keep “running away”.  So, I put on my running sneakers and headed out the door.

For those unfamiliar – this is Nancy:

5 rounds for time

400 m run

15 OH squats 65 lbs


Of course, my running is the part I was freaking out about.  I knew I could scale the OH Squats, but the running, Good Lord the running….   We did the whole work out outside, which was so very nice.  We did not have to go up the blasted stairs.  They kill me each time.

I started my first run and honestly, It wasn’t too bad.  I don’t know how, but I didn’t have a hard time with it.  The squats, I used just the training bar 15 lbs 😦

Last time, I did it with 20 lbs.  I probably could of done 20 lbs, but it was my first day back and I did not want to push it. 2nd run, I think I did pretty good on that one too.  3rd run – for-get-it.  I had to walk alot.  4th and 5th runs too.  I just could not run the whole time, stinks but it is what it is.  In the end my time was 28:43.  Quicker than last time I did it.  Just sucked it was 5 lbs lighter and I had to walk some.  I guess it is not a good example of benchmark.  I can’t really compare it to last time properly.  In the end, it felt soooo good to be back where I belong working out.

That night, my husband and I went over to the gym.  I figured, what the heck.   I did 10 mins on the treadmill as a warm up, then did some machines.  I have made the decision, that I really hate those machines.  I don’t feel like I am pushing myself.  I would much rather do the things we do in Crossfit instead of sitting at a machine flipping my arms up and down.  After that, it was over to the weights….. ahh, much better.  I had a lot of fun showing my husband different things with the barbells.

I need to get my shit together so I can reach my goals before I am 90.  I have gotta keep swimming 🙂


I am so thankful for all of you who take the time to read my rants and raves.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey, your words of encouragement and for allowing me into your lives, be it for a laugh or a cry.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, I have to work today, but I plan on getting over to the gym to get some sort of workout in.  Gotta get at it!


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Daily Rants and Raves

Meg vs Nancy




Tonight we tackled the Cross Fit wod Nancy . For those of you just joining us, Cross Fit has a series of workouts named after women, they also have a series of workouts named after fallen heroes . Tonight – I danced with Nancy .

Nancy is pretty simple when you break it down : 400 meter run . 15 overhead squats : 5 rounds for time .

Every time it looks “not so bad”, I am ready to die the next day . But since I am gearing up for the 5 k , I was kinda looking forward to the run portion. The overhead squats on the other hand , I was dreading . You know my squats are not good , getting better but still not good . And holding a barbell over your head while you squat is not my idea of a picnic . Granted since my squats are bad I just had 20 lbs of weight , but still, that sucked .

I got the first run done in under 4 minutes , with the help of my run buddy Joanne , the run didn’t seem so bad . I found it so much easier having someone by my side to chat with while running along . Big shot out to my gal Joanne ! Thank you for keeping me going tonight !

In the end , I completed Nancy in 29:18 . Just under the 30 minutes I was given . Feeling good about that . And the running really didn’t bother me too much , I feeling a lot better about the 5k . Don’t get me wrong , still terrified but feeling better , lol.

It was a great workout!

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