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Just Keep Laughing

I am a firm believer in laughter is the best medicine.  Laughter and finding the joy in all situations is never easy, but its how I deal with things.   My life has been filled with some pretty hard situations, but you gotta laugh and make the best of things.  I firmly believe that is why I am here.  I believe that seeing the lighter side of things helps me get through the tougher things.  Cause seriously, what else are you gonna do? Sit, mope, cry, yes, those things are all well and good, but when you get sick of that, what are you gonna do? You gotta keep swimming and keep going.


A great example of this are my classes.  Obviously, I am still on this journey and not nearly close to my goal – still making progress but this is a long road.  It probably drives the folks in my class nuts, but I make jokes about my inability to do certain moves.  Inside, I would love to just sit on the floor and cry while I feel defeated.  And have seriously contemplated that many times, but, what good would that do?  So, tonight, we had L-sit practice.  For those at home who don’t know what I am talking about, a L-sit is when you hold yourself up and sit in an “L”, feet out in front, holding yourself off the ground. So, yeah, I did not have much confidence in this at all.  Coach Dan set out 12″ boxes a little ways apart and each of us took a turn in between the boxes to try the sit.  The first time, I could not move, not even budge, I kicked my feet off the ground, that’s 1 second, right? We all took turns, the next set the person who was ahead of me was smaller than me, so she had to move the boxes closer together.  I didn’t realize this and plopped my ass right down, essentially my ass stuck between the 2 boxes.   I achieved the goal of more than 1 second! Haha! There I was , ass stuck, sticking my hands in the air. ” Look Ma, no hands! ” LOL!!! started laughing so hard, I was crying.  Wish I had taken a pic, cause the visual, I bet is hilarious.  I really think this is the new way for plus sized bums to do the L- Sit!   Sit in and squish in! Wedge yourself between the boxes and let the boxes do the work!   How else am I going to get over my fat ass ? You gotta laugh. You gotta keep swimming.  You HAVE to keep going.  Yes, of course, the thought was in my head to get pissed and get mad, and, yes I was, but now, a proper L-Sit is a goal.  There you go, problem solved.

This week , I did classes 3 days in a row, Hopefully you all read my post about my Pullups! Finally did them! Yea Me!

Tuesday night we had walking lunges in that work out, good Lord! It has been hard to walk all week! Then last night, we had squat cleans and 400 m run in the workout.   Now, of course, my running is terrible, but last night took the cake. My legs hurt so bad, I literally had a classmate walking along side of me as I ” ran”.  On the plus side, I did not walk, I kept moving, in a running motion.  And I told myself, if I can get through 3 of the 4 rounds, that is a victory, and I did.  Tonight, more freakin squats.  This time it was single arm overhead squats.  Cha! Those were atrocious.  Then it was onto burpee tuck jumps and V-ups.  AMRAP.  Burpees are always a killer for me, so I knew I would have issues, plus with my legs screaming, I figured, if I can get through 3 rounds, I would be pleased with that.  I got through 4.  So, while my legs are sore as hell, I feel very victorious this week!

One of the things they teach us is to foam roll. So, I have been doing it before each class.  Me and the foam roller have never been good friends.  Usually it rolls off away from me cause my fat ass does not fit on it and I cannot maneuver to get onto it.   Tonight while I was rolling before class, I got my butt on the darn thing!  Silly, I know, to be excited by this, but the fact that it wasn’t rolling away from me and I wasn’t chasing it all over the room , was awesome.

Progress people!  It is all about progress! These victories may be small, tiny even, but a victory is a victory, no matter how small!  Don’t ever, ever ,ever give up !  If it is worth fighting for, you have to give it your all.  It has taken me such a long time to realize that I am worth fighting for. ALWAYS

Just Keep Swimming – Just Keep Laughing – The best is yet to come!

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