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Back to the Beginning



Whenever I say the phrase ” Back to the Beginning” I think of the Princess Bride where Inigo Montoya ( played by the amazing Mandy Patinkin)  is drunk and Fezzik ( played by larger than life Andre The Giant) finds him when he needs to clear the Thieves Forest.  And I say it in my head the way Inigo says it…. silly, I know but it makes me laugh.  Check it out.  I tried finding a good clip of the line but the one I found was of horrific quality, and my readers deserve better than that! Seriously, The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time.   Yes, I am one of those people who can quote the whole movie.

Had such a crush on him when I was a little kid....
Had such a crush on him when I was a little kid….



But I digress…

So, tonight was my first night back to Cross Fit in almost  month.  As much as it stunk for me not working out – I am kinda glad my doctor said to take it easy, it is a strenuous activity.  So, I am glad I waited.  I felt like it was my first night.  I regressed so much. Ugh 😦

Here’s How I did :

Strength :

Back Squats 4×12

Last time I did back squats, I PR’D! Tonight – it was more reps and totally did not even get close to my PR. My PR is 145 lbs. Tonight it was 65 lbs.  And Good Lord was it hard! But I did 4 sets of 12.  So, I am happy with that.


3 rounds for time

10 OHS

30 abmat sit ups

45 Kettle bell Swings

15 min time cap

I made it through exactly 2 rounds.  My Overhead Squats were atrocious, so so so bad, so incredibly bad that I had to use the training bar.  Granted, its been quite a while, but the training bar ? Christ, my ego was crushed into tiny itty bitty pieces.  I could only do a few reps with the womens bar, no way I could do the whole workout with it.  Soul crusher.  Blah.

The abmat sit ups I feel I did really good, I decided to challenge myself and do them as butterfly sit ups.  I could do those…

Kettlebells – I usually use the 35 lbs KB, but first night back, I didn’t want to kill myself, so I went with the 26 lb.

All in all, it was great to be back .  I feel good.  Looking forward to tomorrow night!

Then, this weekend, my friends and I are doing the Biggest Loser Walk/ Run ! Should be interesting!

Gotta keep swimming!

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Daily Rants and Raves

Returning to normal




It’s been a couple of weeks since I was in class . I did get my 5k in but I still feel crappy for not working out . And yes, I was sick, and still am (ugh) but heck, I miss it . I love working out . Who would of thunk ?

I hit another goal – 35 lbs ! Whoo hoo !!! I would love to be down 50 lbs by the end of the year , but not sure how realistic that is. But that is okay . Still going to try . Not going to be easy with the holidays upon us . I do love stuffing my face at the holidays , I am just going to make better choices . I know I need to eat better but for now I am content to make my better choices .

My return to class last night has left me with complete Jelly legs today.  That’s what I get for being out for a couple of weeks.

Here is my work out from last night and how I did:

100 Bodyweight Walking Lunges

75 Kettlebell swings – 26lbs

50 Sit Ups

25 Burpees

20 Push Ups

25 High Low Planks

30 Tuck Jumps

50 Squats

My time was 31:55.  This workout was a ladder, but I was struggling so much, my coach Linda cut the reps of the 2nd half for me.  Thank Goodness! It was a killer workout for me.   Thought I was going to toss my cookies in the middle of it.

So, lets break down my workout.

100 Walking Lunges.  We all know how lunges and me, we are not good friends.  But, going into this, I felt, that I could do the walking lunges and not have too much of an issue.  I started off good I felt.  I got to 30 and I was dying.  How on earth was I going to get to 100?  I kept going taking my time, but I got them all done

75 KB Swings – I am up to the 35 lb Kettle bell, but since I have not been in 2 weeks and since it was a high amount of reps, I went with the 26 lb KB.  After the lunges, I stood there ready to grab my KB and thought my legs were going to give out.  I took a minute then started chipping away at the swings, glad I went with the 26 lb, there is no way I could of done the 35 lb.  I hate feeling like I am going backwards, I like increasing my weight, but boy, am I glad I made that decision!

50 Sit Ups –  Sit ups, I can usually bang those out, but even these ones were killers.

25 Burpees – you know how this went – took me forever as usual.  I was dying at the end of them.

20 Push Ups – at this point coach Linda cut down my reps – Thank Goodness!

25 High Low Planks – these are insane, glad I didn’t drop on my face

30 Tuck jumps – oh my Sweet Baby Jesus! I could barely get my feet off the ground.

50 Squats – Surprisingly easier than I thought they were going to be, but still took me a while


All in all – it was a great workout.  I am glad I am back to class and back to my normal routine.

I feel good about this journey and where I am at.  Last nights class was clear evidence that I have so much farther to go.  But this is a lifestyle change, not just a fly by night lose a few pounds diet – so I am in this for the long haul.  I saw some friends over the weekend who I had not seen in months, they  said I look healthier.  Me. Healthier? It just goes to show how much this is working for me, inside and out.

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