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It has been a busy busy week

This week, I only got in 2 classes. We had a lot to do this week, and it is just the way things worked out.

For starters – my classes.  So Monday was 6 rounds  of 5 HSPU and 7 Front Squats.  My HSPU are still not good, not even on the wall yet, but I do them on a box.  I had 55 lbs for my front squats.  My time to complete the 6 rounds of the moves was 10:45.  I thought that was pretty good for me 🙂

Wednesday night was a bit more of a ball breaker.   For starters, we did Pull Ups practice, which If you have read my blog before, you know, Pull ups are not my strong suit.  Which is part of the reason, I was raring to go and tackle them. For the practice we were supposed to do 3×5 reps.  I get up on the damn bar and it was like I was freakin concrete! I could barely move. Seriously felt as if I had pissed off a mobster and my bottom half was encased in concrete.  I was soooo Pissed! I have been doing ring rows since I started since I can’t do the pull ups, but really? by Now, I should be able to do them.  AND I AM PISSED THAT I CAN’T !!! UGH!!! ( I feel better getting that out, lol)  I was able to once again get my nose the the bar, but it is not the same and it never will be the same.  I need to be able to get my head over that damn bar.  Once I can, believe me, you will be hearing me sing it from the rooftops!

User:Extremepullup performing a standard dead-...
User:Extremepullup performing a standard dead-hang pull up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, then onto the WOD. It was pistols and Single Arm DB Presses 3 minutes on 1 minute off , 6 rounds.  I can’t do pistols properly yet, so I use a bench. I was also holding a 30lb plate while doing them.  The DB Push Press, I used a 10 lb DB.  Now, call me crazy, but I think my pistols got better.  I have not done them for a while. but it certainly seemed harder last time. I was falling all over the place the last time I did them, could not balance for shit.  This time, I felt good about them, of course I was convinced I was doing them wrong, but I felt it in my legs, the next  2 days, which is usually indication, I did it right.  My push presses were good I felt.  My right side is definitely the stronger side.  I struggled with the left more than I thought I would.  My total reps for the work out were 256.  I was proud of that.


Bring it to Saturday.  Team Less Thighs More Thunder took to the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in Boston.  It was myself, my son Jason, my sister Rachel, My brother in law Mark, My nephew Dexter and my co-worker Caitlin.  Our team raised over $500! Proud of everyone! Thank you to everyone who donated.  If you are familiar with Boston, the walk was at the Hatshell.  No parking, sometimes they let you park on Storrow Drive, but even then, its busy.  So we park at the Cambridgeside Galleria and walk over. So yes, we walk to the walk.  The Walk to the Walk was about a mile and a half/ 2 miles.  Once we got there and got situated, my sisters blood sugar went low, so we had to regroup and make sure she was all right.  She was after a little bit and we decided to continue the walk.  All in all, we walked about 7 miles! It made for a long morning, but it is worth it and a great cause.  Here is Team Less Thighs More Thunder!

Rachel, Megan, Caitlin, Dexter and Jason ( Mark took the picture)
Rachel, Megan, Caitlin, Dexter and Jason ( Mark took the picture)


Once we got home and relaxed, it was onto the NESBA competition my son Tyler was participating in for band.  Thank goodness the weather held out!  So proud of him! The
North Andover Scarlet Knight Marching Band is great!

So I was exhausted after this week.  I will admit it, I did not not exactly watch what I ate either.  But I am gonna be back at class tomorrow and back at it, ready to kill it!  I feel amazing and I like it!  Gotta keep swimming!

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