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This Fall’s Charity Challenges !

How are you doing with your Charity Challenges?  Have you run a race in honor of someone?  Donated to a charity?  Participated in a walk for a cause?  Or did you just donate to a cause?


This fall, I am participating in a couple of different events.


This Sunday I am walking with my sister’s in laws in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Boston .


My sisters mother in law passed away recently from this terrible disease. I love the family and I am proud to walk with them . If you interested in donating , you can find the information here .


Also, this October, I am participating the Barbells for Boobs event at my gym.


This is a workout where we raise money for Breast Cancer early detection in young folks. For just $80, one more person will know that they are living with Breast Cancer.  This is staggering to me. My grandmother, while she did not have breast cancer when she was young, she is a survivor having been diagnosed later in life.  If you are interested in donating or participating, you can find the information here.


I think if we all gave some of our time to a great cause, the world would be so much better of a place.


So get out there and do some good !

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Things to Think About

The Less Thighs More Thunder Charity Challenge!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but my sister Rachel has Diabetes.  She has had it since she was 10.  Diabetes runs in my family, which is part of the reason I am going on this journey. In the past I have done the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.      I did not even realize I had signed up this year, but I guess I did. So it got me thinking, number 1 – I am goinna do the walk this year, but 2 – what if we all do a walk or a run or a challenge or a race?  WE are all on this journey, and why not use this to help others?  So, I proudly started the Less Thighs More Thunder Team for my walk in Boston on October 5th.

I encourage all of you to do your own charity fitness !  I started a seperate page on the blog for this.  I would love for you to send in your pictures and stories to share with and inspire others.  Don’t forget to include where donations for your cause can be sent to !

Please send stories and photos to and I will respond and post them!

If any of you are from Massachusetts and would like to join our team – here is the Link – Less Thighs More Thunder JDRF Team

I am excited about this and I think it is such a great way to get moving! We can do this!

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