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It has not been a good week….

Honestly, that is an understatement.  It has been a horrible, shitty, terrible, emotionally draining week.

My mother was admitted to the hospital on Monday and has been there ever since.  She is very ill.  She has a slew of medical issues which make everything so much worse.  This time it was trouble breathing that sent her to the ER.  She is still on oxygen.  There is so much more, but to relive and go through all her issues, we would be here all night.  There is no greater fighter on this earth than my mother.  I thank God for her everyday and pray to God every night that I get just one more minute with her. She has a crazy positive outlook on life, finding the happiness within the darkest hours.  That is what gets us through.  I just want her to be better and to not be in pain.  I want her to be “normal” like she wants.  She deserves better than the hand she has been dealt, but she handles it with grace.

So, as of this week , I have not worked out.  I need to get back.  I feel my body expanding.  Every night this week I went to work and went straight from work to the hospital.  I could of gotten a walk in when I got home from all that, but I am so tired.  I way overstuffed my face this weekend, thinking , I will be at class next week and work it off. Ugh.

And this is what always happens to me. I get going, I am doing great, feeling good – then bam! My world is rocked. Something happens and I fall off the wagon, rather, have that terrible wagon wreck.  Just so happens this time my world is my Mom.

Now more than ever, I need to be healthy.  I need to be my best.  So this time – my world is not being rocked – more like a slight bobble.  I will be back at my classes next week, continue to eat better and succeed! I need to keep swimming, for my momma.  She is so proud of me and this journey and I can’t let her down.

How do you deal with the bumps in the road that come up?

This is the board in my Mom’s room with our goals for her 🙂


Good night everyone! Hug your Momma’s tight!

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Obesity a disease? What the frack?

I read that the American Medical Association has classified Obesity as a disease.  I, myself, find this to be horseshit.  How on earth can this be? To be obese, it is a choice. You have made the choice to do nothing, thus leading you to your obese status.

I understand that there are medical issues that may cause you to be heavier than you would like, and I understand there are medications that pack on the pounds.  But – no matter what – you can always do something to get moving and start losing weight.  Staying still never lost a pound.

So what happens now? You are obese and instead of doing something about it, people will file for and most likely get disability.

So, instead of offering more programs for people and making exercise and well being more accessible, we create a bunch of people living off the system cause they love twinkies.


I know that not everyone will agree with my feelings, but I feel that it is this mentality that is causing the obesity.

When will people take responsibility for themselves and their actions?  Why should they as long as Uncle Sam is there to foot the bill?

WE need to get off our asses and start taking charge of our bodies.  Until we start doing that, the ” Obesity Disease” will continue to spread.

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You gotta make the time to Commit to You!

Last week was very busy for me, and this week proves to be just as busy – culminating at the end with the wedding of my good friends, Andrea and Lowell. So, knowing I will be stuffing my face with all sorts of goodies and most likely being drunk as a skunk, I damn well better make sure I get my workouts in.


No matter how busy we are, we always have enough time to make excuses.  I should know because I always had an excuse about why I could not work out or why I could not do something. I was famous for not having the right things lined up.  I felt I needed to have things a certain way to best optimize my process.  And when things would go wrong, it would totally knock me off my game. It would set me back and I could not move on.  What a load of crap!  UGH!

Why was I like that?  Why are any of us like that?  I can’t be the only one that struggles or else you wouldn’t be here reading this, lol.

Why is it so easy  to put things off that will actually help us?  And not just for us, but out loved ones?

For me, my weight just kept going up and going up and going up.  I would bitch and moan and kinda do something, but really half assed. I would not put in the work to change what I was bitching about.  I know I drove my husband nuts, cause I would bitch and he would say ” so do something about it”.  And I never really would.

When my weight hit the highest it had ever been, I knew I had to do something.  When all my clothes were so much tighter and I was getting 3x clothes, I knew I had to do something.  I knew I had to do something DIFFERENT.  I was telling myself I had to do something, falling into the same routine and then it happened.  My friend starting telling me about these classes she was taking.  I am thankful everyday that my friend Jamie introduced me to Befit, where I workout and my amazing coaches.  It was the right program for me at the right time.

For each of us, we need to find what works for us.  Christ, it took my 14 years to find what works for me and something I can dive into and something I can progress at.

But honestly, if YOU cannot commit to YOU, why should anyone else?  It has taken me such a long time to understand and really realize this.

Its my hope that along this journey, someone else may take those baby steps sooner than they would have to better themselves.


So yes, busy week, but you know I am hitting the gym! Worked out last night, tomorrow and Thursday, and even Saturday before the wedding.


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Daily Rants and Raves

Another night of Lunges from Hell….

I swear one of these days, you will read an entry and I will not be bitching about lunges.  But not today 🙂

Sweet Baby Jesus! Walking weighted lunges tonight .  Ugh.  Poor Coach Dan, he gets me on lunge night 2 weeks in a row.  But I gotta tell ya, he was great. Pushed me and I finished all 6 rounds.

SO – yup = Progress!

Finished all 6 rounds AND did not come crashing down! Even more Progress !


I am sure I had an attractive face like this fellow here when doing them, cause of course working hard means funny grueling faces.  Its like we think that making some dumb ass face will make the move be easier?  Thank goodness we are not posing for Vogue, lol.



As much as I hate Lunges, I know working on them more will benefit me in the end.  Its pretty bad when you prefer to do Burpees instead of Lunges.

I was freaking dying during the workout, but now that I have recovered, lol, I feel darn good that I finished. I am very thankful my coach let me take the extra time to finish.  I had to keep swimming to get it done!

I can say for the first time, in a long time, maybe ever, that I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! I am doing things I have never done before. I am taking chances. I am believing in myself.  And the best part – I am losing weight and inches!

I have said it before and I will say it again – why the frack did I wait so long to get off my ass?!?!

Happy Lunging all 🙂

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Daily Rants and Raves, Milestones

1st Weight Goal Achieved!

I took my first real step to a better lifestyle in February of this year. Just making the decision to do something and eat better was hard enough, then in March I started going to Befit.  I have a lot of weight to lose, Ideally about 120 pounds.  But, I couldn’t look at it that way, I had to break it down.

So first goal – lose 15 pounds.  And today getting on that scale – I am down 16.3 pounds!!!! Holy Shit!

This whole process is simply amazing to me.  Why the frack did it take me so long to get off my ass? What an idiot I was!

The thing is, I see myself in the mirror everyday, as do most of you see yourselves.  But when I look at myself, I don’t see the changes.  I KNOW they are taking place.  I have lost weight and my clothes fit better, even fitting into clothes I haven’t fit into in years – years! I feel better.  I have this crazy NEED to workout.  I LOVE working out! It kills me and totally kicks my ass – but I love it. I Love challenging myself.  I love the pride in finally being able to do something.  I love the fact that I am doing this for me and I am not giving up.

I have really learned that you cannot take the easy way out of this – I got myself into this. It has been a span of 14 years – how the heck can I expect it to come right off?  So glad I don’t think that way anymore.

This is gonna sound corny, but I feel like a Caterpillar, lying in wait in my Cocoon , awaiting to emerge as the beautiful Butterfly I am meant to be.


Hopefully, I don’t become a Fatty McButterfly like our friend here….

I know there are no butterflies in the sea, but you know what I gotta do here ….

Keep on swimming folks – we will get there 🙂







Daily Rants and Raves

National Donut Day? Really?

An assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts.
An assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I just saw on the news that today is National Donut Day.  I cannot imagine why so many people are overweight in the country…. Giving away free donuts? Free tasty, delicious , glazed, yummo balls grams of fat and calories.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE donuts, but this is what is wrong with society. We need to change our brains.  How about FREE Fruit day?  Or Veggie Day? Or FREE Chicken or Beef day?  How about grocery stores do that and offer choices for healthier eating?

Just had to rant that.


Keep swimming folks!



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Lunges – Oh How Thou Art a Heartless Bitch

So yes, a few posts ago, I was jumping for joy over the fact I could do a proper lunge.  With proper lunge technique comes more advanced lunge exercises.  Tonight was one of those exercises.


Tonight’s workout was a kettle bell work out.  I had no issue doing the clean and Jerks, and no issues doing the hand to hand swing.  But the mother f’er Alternating Overhead Kettle Bell Lunges were seriously a killer for me.  I could of whipped this work outs ass, instead I landed on mine.  Literally, was struggling so bad in my last round, I tried to get up from the lunge and fell to the ground.  Right in front of my whole class, who was already done their work out.  My coach tonight, Dan, was great and really encouraging without making me feel like an ass for taking a digger.

My class  at BeFit Health and Wellness is seriously full of amazing, encouraging people, who were cheering me on as I struggled to finish and get those damn lunges done.  I have only known these people for a couple of months, but this community of people I belong to are truly supportive and downright amazing.  Thank you 6:30 crew!

As most of you know, I am an emotional person, so as I fell to the ground, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.    So now, the embarrassment of falling is setting in, the frustration of the difficulty I am having with the move, and the exhaustion from all of it, its all swirling in my head.  Normally when I start crying, I can’t stop, so I sat there for a minute, trying to breathe and holding it in the best I could. I figured that if anyone noticed, they would just think it was sweat, cause I was soaked.

I took a minute, then got back up and finished those damn lunges.  Of course the thought went through my head to give up, or ask for a modification.  But I didn’t.  I finished every round of those lunges.  And after all that – damn it felt good.

Lunges are still a battle, but I gotta keep fighting. I gotta keep swimming… How else am I gonna get through it without falling over?

Always a battle, but never giving in 🙂

Keep swimming folks, we are gonna get there.


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Daily Rants and Raves

Progression, Yes!



This was was particularly frustrating for me.  Its a mental thing, but I HATE, no LOATHE, not finishing my workouts.  Let me explain – every work out is set to your ability and there is no requirement to complete it, but its a goal, threshold, something to strive for.  It is something I strive for and its a goal each workout.  I must also add, that I am totally comfortable being the last one to finish said work outs. I am okay with that, as long as I finish.

But this week – UGH!  Kicked my ass!   Tuesday night we were supposed to do 6 rounds – I could only do 5.  Wednesday night we were supposed to do 4 rounds, could only do 3.  Thursday night goal was 15 and I did 11.    I was seriously upset over this.  One night, ok, whatever, but 3 in a row? UGH!

Then I chatted with my coaches and looked at it a different way –


Tuesday – we ran 200m sprints, Running has long been my nemesis.  It is always a struggle, but this time, I seemed to not have to stop as much as usual. So = Progress.

Wednesday – Turkish getups – It took me forever, but I did them with a weight – FOR THE 1ST TIME! A whole 7.5 lb weight! I know, I know – whoa nelly! Right?! So again = Progress

Thursday – quick and intense short rounds of Ring rows, hands release pushups and body weight squats.  I was able to do ring rows much better I felt than I have in the past, usually after 3 I am dying, but this time I had an easier go of it.  The push ups seem to come easier to me too. So yes , again = Progress!

Today– Tabata, which always kicks my ass, plus it was like 90 degrees, so after the warm up, I was sweating like a pig.  I felt for the most part, each move I was able to do better than I have done before.  Planks are still a dirty bitch, but I ended with box jumps, which are my favorite.  So you got it! = Progress!


The moral of my story kids – is its not about Quantity, but Quality! You can do 1000 push ups, but if your form is wrong, you are only doing harm to yourself.  So yes, I was bummin’ about this my incomplete work outs, but I did things I have never done before.  I can see the Progress – I feel the Progress!

You know what I am gonna say next –


Gotta keep swimming ! WE can do this!  WE will get there! Thanks for joining the journey!

Feel free to share  your triumphs and tribulations with us!


Meg 🙂


Daily Rants and Raves

Turkish Getups – She-Ra Style!

Tonights workout had Turkish Getups in it.  If you are familiar with Cross Fit -then you may know what they are. If not – here is a picture:


So why do you care? Welp, when I started my classes we did them one night and I could not get my fat ass off the ground and bring my leg down underneath me ( figures 7 and 8) . And of course I could not do it with weights. But tonight ! TONIGHT I COULD DO IT!!!!  Up and down – down and up – I did it! Still with no weights – but it is way better than I did before.  So my coach Jane tonight gave me a plastic dowl to use to hold up instead of the weight so I could focus on the movement .


I felt like She-Ra holding up her sword.


So yeah picture me like this ^^^^ except fatter, brunette and I am no princess, lol.

It was such a great feeling knowing I am busting my butt and getting better at stuff.


You gotta keep swimming folks! How else are you gonna hold up your sword?

Meg   🙂

Daily Rants and Raves

But Mom….I don’t wanna eat my veggies!!!!

kid with veggies




So yes, I admit it, I HATE vegetables.  I really don’t like fruit either. Salad? Ugh, I hate the texture of lettuce, like seriously.  Am I childish? Of course? Is this immature? You betcha! But I don;t like them and I never did. My kids like fruits and veggies, I can do with out them.

But I am at the point – that I can’t be like this anymore. I have to make major changes and frankly, suck it up. Ugh.  I have a friend that makes these amazing lunches for her kids that is all healthy good for you food –        Check out the page – it is cool beans.  But to my point, her kids eat these great foods and no knock to my upbringing but maybe if we all made it fun and colorful when the kids are small, they will enjoy them more.

I am never going to lose this weight unless I eat better.  I am working my butt off at my work outs, and I am seeing results.  I just need to make some changes to my diet.  Okay,okay, MAJOR changes to my diet.  Why do they have to make pasta and bread so yummy?  I wish they just tasted horrible, especially when they are dripping with creamy sauce with chicken and cheese, and ohh don;t forget the dipping oil for the rolls! Jesus! See what I mean?!?!

I ain’t gonna lie, The Olive Gardens breadsticks with their Alfredo dipping sauce is seriously some of the best shit I have ever eaten.  Loaded with sodium though, and last time I had it, made me sick.  Haven’t been back since.   I suppose that is a teeny tiny victory.  I just try to remember how crappy I felt afterwards, so not worth it.  And don;t even get me started on the Cheesecake Factory…. a whole restaurant dedicated to cheesecake?  Yum City!

Why do they have to make it so hard to eat good?

I am working on it though, baby steps.

Gotta keep swimming 🙂