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Who has got your back?

Today it has been 4 months since is started working out.  I am down a total of 17.9 pounds . I am down 2 sizes.  Hooray for me! But I did not do this alone – and there is a long way to go, there are some great people that have my back.


To me, family is everything.  My family has been there for me through thick and thin. Never faltering in their support of me, even when it was most difficult.

My parents are the most loving caring people on the planet.  Everyday I thank God for them. They have always supported me, even when I came home at 17 pregnant.  Granted, the image of my father falling to his knees sobbing is forever burned into my brain….but he quickly came around.

Whenever I share my stories of my workouts with my dad, he smiles and gives me a big hug.  Diabetes runs in my family, my uncle had it (he passed in 1990), my sister has it and my father was diagnosed shortly after my sister was. Since my weight went up, my father had always brought up trying to lose weight so I would not become diabetic.  Did it bother me? Sure, but my dad is a pretty smart guy, and deep down, I knew he was right.  His fears and mine came true when I got pregnant with my daughter in 2007 , I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, furthermore as the pregnancy progressed, an insulin dependent Gestational Diabetic.   That was horrible for me, especially since the beginning of that pregnancy was so easy, it went downhill fast.  My daughter was born with her blood sugar out of whack and had to be in the NICU for about 24 hours to get it regulated.  It was horrible not being able to hold her in my room.  I had a C Section, so it was very difficult to move about.  But the only way I could see her was to go to the NICU, so I had to get up and go down.  In the end, my diabetes disappeared once she was born, and thank goodness my daughter has no signs of it.  What I am getting at it is, my dad was right.  And maybe if I had gotten off my ass years ago, I wouldn’t of had to go through that.  So, my dad, is very supportive of this journey.  My mom,  well, she is just plain amazing and supportive of what ever I do. My mother has an amazing way of putting herself aside for others.  She has been through the ringer medically, for starters, 2 kidney transplants and a heart valve replacement.  She is a crazy goofball, and she never falters from finding a joke amid the tragedy.  I suppose that is where I get it.  My mother has always been my biggest fan and I know there is no way I can possibly thank her for how she has shaped me and all she has done for me.  She has been through a real rough patch lately, but I am hopeful that recent diagnosis will help alleviate it.  She is sounding more like herself when we talk and that makes me happy.


And did I mention that my parents are still married, I know a rarity these days, but they have 37 years under their belt.  My dad still adores my mom and will always do whatever is necesscary for her.  They are too cute.  I hope that my kids will view me as wonderfully as I view my parents.

I am blessed that I am close to my sisters. I am the oldest of 3 girls.  I talk to my sisters just about everyday or every other day.  We have have fiercely different personalities, but they were my first best friends.  We do things together and our kids play together.  Since I started so young, my sisters were right there through my oldest’s childhood, helping us out and helping with him.  They are so close to my kids.  And I am the most proudest auntie to my neice and nephew.  It is sad to me that people do not have close relationships with their families, I am blessed that I have them.  And not only my sisters, but my brother in laws as well.



My husband and my kids have been fabulous through this journey.  I have awesome kids, I am not gonna lie, they are pretty darn great.  I tell them about my workouts and show them things we do.   Its cool to see their faces thinking their mom did some of this stuff.   I even came home one night to find my youngest son doing sit ups.  My kids will even offer to go walking with me on my off workout days.  My husband has been amazingly supportive through the whole process, never bringing up all the weight I had gained.  But he would also tell me when I start to bitch ” to do something about it”  He has been great helping at night when I have my class with the kids and I know I do not thank him enough for that.



And I didn’t even get to mention my aunts, cousins, grandparents and friends who are also so supportive of me.  I am so thankful to have all of them in my life.

And my coaches – I cannot say enough about my coaches.  I workout at a place where you are not a number, you are a person and they let you know everyday that they are there to help you on your journey.  The only thing that stinks, is that I did not meet them sooner.  What they have done for me is LIFE CHANGING! and it has only been 4 months!

Thank you to everyone who is in my life.  I love you all.  Thank you for your support of my journey.  I have only just begun and I cannot wait to see where I go.  I hope I make you all proud.  Let’s Keep up the swim everyone!

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