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Great Week!

Sorry I haven’t posted this week folks! I am back in the full swing of classes and work has been super busy.  So, I get home and crash, lol.



This week I really enjoyed the WOD’s.  Here is how I did:


OH Squat practice  30 lbs – Ugh, these are not easy.

Chin Up Practice – green and tan band 4×5 reps.  This gave me hope for my pull ups. I can so do the Chin Ups more easier than Pull Ups, I don’t quiet understand why, but I will take it.  I was able to get my chin over the bar for every rep.

AMRAP 8 minutes

6 Goblet Squats – 44 lbs KB

12 V Ups

I got 6 rounds! I was shocked as shit at that.


10 Ring Dips – green band

20 Burpee Pull Ups – I can’t do these without changing it to jumping pull ups, so we changed it to 20 Burpees and 20 Pull Ups.  My Burpees still suck, but not as bad.  I am still the slowest but my slow is getting better.  My Pull Ups need work though.

30 Wall Balls – 10 lbs MB

40 Double Unders

Time 19:09


Cross Fit Total WOD

I loved this one! I really enjoy the barbells and I want to be stronger.  But this was really fun, testing your limits and seeing how heavy you can go.  We partnered up, I was with Nicole.  She was a great partner.  Here is how I did:

Back Squat – 130 lbs

Press – 55 lbs – who Nelly is that one hard!

Dead lift – 210 lbs !!!!!  SOOOO Proud of that!

I am so proud of myself for the 210 dead lift.  So, of course, I am telling people about it.  And the responses have mainly been ” Better be careful about your back” ” thats a lot of weight, do you think you should do that?”   WHAT THE EVER LIVING FRACK?!?!?   Why do people think that I was just walking along, minding my business, saw a barbell on the ground and was like ” Hey there, let me try to pick you up, with no training, no coaching, just let me grab it?”  UGH! Everyone that knows me and their brother knows I have been doing Cross Fit for almost a year now, so of course, I know the proper way to do it, and my coaches are right there.  It just stinks cause I am so proud of this and people will take any chance they get to kick you down.

And for the record, I used to have back problems, bad sciatica.  Haven’t had it for years, but here  and there twinges and pains.  Since I started this – I have had no back problems! So there , mo fo’s!

I have come such a far way, and I have so far to go, but damn, its exciting! I am so energized to keep this going.

My weight has plateaued at the moment, but honestly, I am not letting that keep me down, I just gotta keep going. I gotta keep swimming!

Doing good on my Weekly One More too! had some eggplant yesterday!

This Phoenix is rising bitches! Get Ready!

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Things to Think About

Don’t Knock It Til You Try It



As many of you have heard on the news or read online recently, an experienced Cross Fit Athlete was severely injured in a freak accident.  For some reason, this means everyone and their brother can comment on the dangers of Cross Fit all while none of them have ever even tried it.  While I completely feel for this individual, who by his own account said it was an accident, I feel his situation is bringing up all the stigma’s associated with Cross Fit and I would like to toss my 2 cents in.  By no means am I am Cross Fit competitor, I simply go to Cross Fit classes.

Cross Fit is like any other sport, any other physical activity, there is always a risk for injury if you do not use proper technique. I have only been to classes at my gym, so I cannot compare how places do things, but what I can say is that, my coaches monitor all of us.  We take time to go over the moves .  They make sure you know what you are doing and if you cannot correctly implement the moves, they give you a modification so you can work toward the proper move.

I have been reading several articles about this over the past week.  What it seems to me is that most CF classes are very large with not much one on one interaction.  I suppose if you have been properly trained , then I guess you wouldn’t need as much coaching.  But for people just jumping into this and being tossed into a situation like that, how can people not get hurt?

I have thrived in my CF classes.  My gym is limited to 12 people per class. 12. Each one of us gets individual attention and they go over each move, even if we have done it 100 times.  We go over proper techniques .  And when they introduce a new move, we work on it for a while before it hits the WOD.  Good Lord , who knows how messed up I would be if they did not correct me every time I do the move wrong.

Cross Fit is intense, without a doubt.  It pushes you to your limits, but you need to know what those limits are.   Yes, you want the best time , you want the heaviest weight, or maybe your just want to do the WOD Rx.  But for goodness sakes! Be smart about it people.  You can have the best coach in the world working with you one on one, but if you aren’t going to listen to them, what’s the point?  It makes me really mad when people get these ideas of what it is like when I have experienced just the opposite.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose.

I have been supremely blessed with my gym, its techniques,  and my amazing coaches Holly and Jane.  If you are in the North Shore area, check them out Befit Health and Wellness. 

Not all Cross Fit’s are the same. This sport has changed my life.  Don’t knock Cross Fit til you try it.

How about you? I know many of you  are Cross Fitter’s.  What are your thoughts? What are your boxes like?

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Daily Rants and Raves

Past Week


I will admit, I had a bit of a meltdown over that running workout.  But I got right back to it and worked out Wednesday and Thursday last week.  I have to give a big Thank You to everyone who took the time to comment, message me and share your kind words over my feelings with my running.  You guys are awesome!

So, this is how I did this week:


Rope Climb Practice – I can get on the rope now.  Off the ground, dangling and swinging, but I cannot climb it.  I still have a long ways to go.

40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest – 3 rounds each station


Box Jumps 12″ – I foolishly attempted the 20″ box – got a nice bruise and scrape from that one.


Wall Ball Sit Ups – 14 lbs

Kettlebell Swings – overhead – 35 lbs

Walking Plank Push Ups

Even though each interval was on 40 seconds, it was hard work!  And my leg was really sore for the box jump fail.


Barbell Snatch practice 35 lbs

3x 5 reps

20 Minute AMRAP

2 Turkish Get Ups R/L = 4 total  18 lb kettlebell

8 Toes To Bar – modified to knee raises

10 Pistols – used 12″box and 2 plates as a spot

I completed 5 rounds.

This workout I was dreading, I hate TGU’s, but I have to say, they were sooooo much better than I thought they were going to be.  I was super pleased with that.  Those have been dogging me for a while now.

Even though I started the week out with feeling like shit over my workout, it ended on a high note.

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Daily Rants and Raves

A little extra

I was able to get squeezed in to the Saturday 10 am workout.  I was psyched! 4 workouts last week!

We worked on Push Press and Power Cleans before hitting the WOD.  I went up to 65 lbs.  After practice, the WOD was 3 rounds for time.

5 Pull ups – I used Green and tan bands

10 Push Press 65 lbs

20 Power Cleans 65 lbs

35 Body weight Squats

My time for 3 rounds was 18:54.

I think if I went lighter on the weights, I could of finished sooner, but I like the challenge.  Those damn squats is what killed me.

Life is retuning to normal.  Gotta get moving and working on all my goals!

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Things to Think About

The Weekly One More 1/12/14

Megs thingsIt’s Sunday – The Weekly One More Time!

The Weekly One More Challenge is where you challenge yourself to do One More Healthy/ Fitness related thing a week to further your fitness goals.  Last week my ” One More” was cutting soda back out.  I met the challenge and have not had any soda at all! See – its easier than you think!

This week my ” One More” is being more active even when  not at the gym. What do I mean by this? If you go to the gym 3x a week – throw a workout in there somewhere outside of the gym.  Go for a run, go for a walk – get moving! This week I am signed up for 3 classes.  I started off today with a nice walk.  I haven’t been walking or running lately since it is winter here in lovely New England, so I just walked, not power walked.  But I walked for over a mile and just enjoyed being active and moving.  I got lucky cause it was a sweltering 41 degrees, lol.  Sometimes I think its nice to get get moving and keep moving rather than power walking 10 miles in 10 minutes.  I felt good and that is what matters the most.

So, what ” One More” are you doing this week?

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Daily Rants and Raves

Great Week!

Some day, that will be me - with brown hair !
Some day, that will be me – with brown hair !


I got back into the swing of things this week.  Back to my classes, and boy did it feel good.

I also started my Weekly One More Challenge! Challenge yourself to do just one more thing healthier than you did last week, being it taking the stairs, running a bit further, or cutting out the soda, like I did this week.  Check it out! I would love to hear what your ” One More” is and how you are doing!

I felt I did really good in my workouts this week, maybe because I am getting back to my routine, maybe because I am progressing, who knows, but I will take it.

Here is how I did this week.


30 seconds work, 90 seconds rest for 3 rounds each

Pull ups = used green and tan bands did 5 reps for 3 rounds

Back Squats = 65lbs – 8 reps , 75 lbs – 6 reps, 75lbs – 5 reps

8 minute AMRAP

12 Kettle bell Russian Swings – 53 lb KB !!!

6 Hands release push ups

total : 5 .5 rounds , 72 KB Swings, 30 push ups

I have to say, since my gym introduced barbells to the work outs, I really enjoy them.  I find that it is easier for me to do those darn squats with a bar on my back, lol.  I still struggled with the pull ups, but not as much as I had, so,  progress!  The KB swings, I really went up in my weights, the heaviest I had done was 35 lbs, so to go to 53 lbs, was not easy.  That was heavy! but i did it…. I was still kinda shocked that I could, so even though I only got through 5.5 rounds in the 8 minutes, I was really feeling awesome !



Barbell Snatch Practice

We did 5 sets of barbell snatches 3 reps each .

3x 25lbs





The snatch with the barbell was a new move for me, so I think next time, i will be able to add some more weight.

18 minutes, 3 rounds

30 wall balls – 10 lbs

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 12″ box

10 Ring Rows

30 wall balls – 10 lbs

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 12″ box

10 Ring Rows

20 wall balls – 10 lbs

So yeah, I did not get through the 3 rounds, not happy with that, but I am most definitely getting quicker at those damn burpees!  I still struggle big time with them, but I am moving quicker through them, thank goodness!



Deadlifts Practice

5x 145 lbs

5x 150lbs

5x 150 lbs

I totally went up in my deadlifts! Whoo hoo! But man, was that tough! I went from 120 lbs to now being able to do 150 lbs. 🙂

Strict Press Practice

5x 45 lbs

5x 45 lbs

5x 50 lbs

I had not done strict presses before, alot harder than I thought, but I love learning new things.

12 minute workout

100 Medicine ball cleans 12 lbs

55 Vups

Whoa Nelly, those MB cleans are the devil.  I did them though! We were supposed to do 75 V ups, but I could only get in 55 with the time I had left.  And they really aren’t V ups as much as they are Shin Ups. but hey, I felt great afterward.


I have got a lot of goals this year! I am going to list them all, so I can hold myself accountable, but that is for another post.

How about you? What did you do this week to get moving?

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Another goal down!

Thats right peeps, I am on a freakin’ roll! Last night I tackled HANDSTANDS!!!! Yup, I am on the wall. Before we started our WOD last night, we had handstand practice.  I had been wanting to try them and this was the perfect opportunity.  I set up my pad and froze.  Completely froze.  I was terrified. Then the realization set in, what the heck is the matter with me? Its a handstand.  I did them all throughout my childhood. What is so different now? Oh yeah, that extra hundred or so pounds I carry around now… But then I took myself back to my childhood.  I used to do flips and handstands and cartwheels and somersaults all the time. We used to have a ” circus” for the whole neighborhood.  Us gals used to dress up in our dance recital costumes and flip over the swing set.  So what if I am not 11 anymore, why can’t I do this? What makes now so different?  Then I started thinking more, when we were kids, we used to watch gymnastics with my mom, like, all the time.  The gymnasts would raise their hands, salute the judges and go.  So, I raised my hands and sunk to the floor, my legs kicked up , but not enough to even get close to the wall.   Think – what else did you use to do?  Yes! The hop .  I put my hands up, did a slight hop and sent my self soaring up against the wall!!!!  Came right back down, but I touched the wall. The secret is the hop 😉

Handstands – Check!!!

I kept on hopping and kept on hitting the wall. Of course I crashed on my head at least once, but I got right back up.  By the end of the practice session , I was holding my handstand on the wall.  I was so excited.  Another goal , crushed!

Love This!

So, yes, another goal crushed and I have been doing so good lately – I am terrified.  I am scared, will it end? Am I  going to land on my face in general ? Am I going to freak out and fail myself? This is down right scary territory for me.  I am just being honest here, its my blog, so I can, lol. 

I am officially registered for my 5k – my next obstacle .  I am so excited ! I am so freaked out! I am terrified! ARRRGGGHHHH! So many emotions with this – but what I know FOR CERTAIN  :





You can count on that my friends.  Follow me on the journey , hope I don;t let you down. 

And don’t forget you can find me on Facebook too!

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Personal goal hit !

Monday nights class was a big night for me . It was the first time I set a goal for the AMRAP and actually succeeded in doing the rounds I set out to do . We had to do :
9 dead lifts (105 lbs )
12 push ups
15 box jumps ( 12″ box with 25 lb plate)

We had 15 minutes to do as many rounds as possible . I set out to complete 5 rounds . I always set out to do so many rounds and always end failing . But not this time . I set out to do 5 rounds and Sweet Baby Jesus , I did it ! 5 rounds baby ! I pushed it to the limit and did it .

So freakin happy!

Hope I can keep it going tonight !

Just keep swimming folks !!!!
– Meg

Daily Rants and Raves

More Progress!

So, I have been kicking around the idea of posting my ” Before ” pictures.  I put it off for a long time, mainly because I was horrified at the thought of seeing them.  But this is a process and I need to be real and up front with myself or else, I will never move forward. So , I made a page to track my progress and there I will post pictures through the journey. Click over to My Progress Tracker.    You can see my ” before” pics and my current pictures.  I have to admit, seeing the pictures was pretty emotional.  And my kids had some great comments. My favorite from my daughter Maddie was ” You’re butt sure is bigger in that first one! ” And she is right, my butt is bigger in the older picture.  I was really terrified to even look at the pictures, mainly because, what if there was no difference? What if I couldn’t see it?  I feel it, and I see myself everyday, so I guess I don’t notice it.  but seeing the pictures together, it was pretty cool.

In other news, silly little thing I want to share.  I have 2 amazing sisters, Rachel and Caitlyn.  Both younger and smaller than me. We go for walks fairly often.  We were out for a walk the other night and I noticed our shadows. Mainly mine.  The big thing I noticed, was , my legs weren’t as bumpy as they usually were! Silly, I know, but it is those little things that count the most.

Today’s WOD:

For starters, we had our warmup.  Added into this was a 45 second plank.  I know I was just able to hold a plank for a minute, but still, that shit ain’t easy.  But today, surprisingly, I didn’t have too much of a problem, I held the plank no problem.  Progress!

Then the WOD was 10 rounds  –    10 Dumbbell Step Ups – I used 22 lb weights and had a 12″ box with a 25 lb plate on it = 2″ for a total of 14″. 10 Floor Presses – I used the 22 lb weights, then we did 20 Double Unders or 40 Regular jumps – I still can’t do the DU so I did the regular ones.  My total time for this was 22:59.  I was proud of that.  My rope jumping has come a long, long ,long way.  Just wish I could do the Double Unders. But still Progress!

Everyday, I still tell myself ” Just Keep Swimming” and by golly it’s working! Don’t give up folks!

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Daily Rants and Raves

A Step is still moving forward – no matter how small

Hello there everyone!

Last night at class – I was a massive Fail. Massive.   We did 200 meter sprints.  My 3rd sprint – I hit a dip in the pavement and rolled my ankle.  I had to do slam balls for the rest of the class. I was soooo frustrated! But I had to look at this in a positive way. Before the sprints we did a 400 m run, and I think I did pretty good with that. So that was my positive.  I HAVE to find a positive in everything or else, I am going to fail… That has always been my problem, I find a negative and fail, fall off the wagon and end up back at square one. Not this time.

Tonight, I went into class determined.  We did The” Danny ” Hero WOD. It is supposed to be 20 AMRAP of 30 Box jumps, 20 Push Press and 30 Pull ups. I completed 2 full rounds and 1/3 of the 3rd. So here is the breakdown of what I did and my modifications:

Box jumps = usually I use the 12″ box, which I have been very confident on, but I do need to go higher, 18″ was too high, so we added a plate and I am guessing around 14-15″.  I was intimidated and we actually had a higher plate at first, but once I got going I was great.  I completed 3 rounds of 30 jumps = 90 jumps

Push Press= knowing we had push press tonight, I referred to my journal to see how heavy I had gone last time we did overhead lifting.  Last weight I did was 55 lbs.  So preparing myself, I knew I had to do at least 55 lbs.  Setting up my barbell, I was going to jump right to 55, but went with 45 to start, just to make sure I was thinking the right thing. And it was too light. I moved up to 55 lbs.  Surprisingly, I feel like I owned it! I felt like a machine ! It was awesome! I completed 2 rounds of 20 lifts and 6 into the 3rd round = 46 presses

Pull Ups = CHA RIGHT! Haha, yeah, no go on the pullups – so it was ring rows instead. I hate ring rows! I completed 2 rounds of 30 rows = 60 rows

For some reason tonight – I feel awesome! I can see my progression. I feel my progression.  I am ACTUALLY improving! This is such an incredible feeling.  Even though these are small steps , all these steps are carrying me to where I need to be.  Every small step counts.  Just Keep Swimming.

DON’T EVER GIVE UP! As long as you do it one more rep or 1 step farther or 1 jump more than last time, you are on your way.  This is a long journey, if we wait til the end to celebrate, what fun is that? Find your victories! Cherish them! Embrace each little moment for the highs and the lows of where you were.

Never give up!

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