The Weekly One More 2/16/14

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I know last week, I was a slacker and there was no Weekly One More.  Sorry folks, but there has been a lot going on in my life lately.  In fact, this has inspired today’s post.  This journey is as much mental as it is physical.   For me, I have had so many issues with body image  and been so negative about my weight for so long, it became who I was.   I would say I hated the way I look, I hated what I was doing to myself, but wouldn’t get off my ass to actually do something.  I would get going good for 2 months, then something would happen and I would allow it to derail me.

I am a very emotional person.  It is something I am working on, I don’t mean being emotional, but rather how I handle my emotions.  Instead of being a blubbering mess when the shit hits the fan, I am trying to calm myself down and focus on the positives.  I think I am getting better at this.  I hope anyways.

Recently  different things happened that made me really start thinking about things and putting things into perspective.

A dear friend of mine lost her grandmother last week, it broke my heart. She was devoted to her grandmother as I am to my grandparents.    My grandparents turned 89 and 90 years old and celebrated their 66 th wedding anniversary the past few weeks.  How Lucky am I ? Seriously?  I am so blessed.  For the past few years, my grandmother has decided that she wanted steaks to celebrate.  This is New England, its a bit snowy in the winter.  But she doesn’t care, she goes and gets a steak for everyone and we cook them up on the grill.  Winter Cookout to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary.  My Gram is a fierce woman.  Strong  and knows what she wants.  If she wants a steak on the grill at her house in the winter, you are damn right she is gonna get it.  My family is so blessed they are still here and even more so that they still have their whits about them.  I cherish them every moment of every day.

My Grampy enjoying the summer
My Grampy enjoying the summer
My Amazing Grammy
My Amazing Grammy

My mother’s health issues have created an issue again. I know I have talked about them here before.  My mother has been through so much and it pains me so much to see her go through anything else.  I am at the point where I am not upset, but angry .  I struggle with the why.  Why can’t she just be healthy and do what she wants to do?  Why?  GOD, I get so pissed.  But, she is here .  She is a crazy goof ball and I cherish her every moment of every day.

Some of our very dear friends are going through some things right now, and while I won’t elaborate for sake of their privacy, I ask that you send your prayers their way.  Good friends are hard to find and I cherish mine every moment of every day.

Do you get them theme here?

This weeks Weekly One More is Cherish Your Loved Ones Every Moment of Every Day

No matter what your journey is, you cannot get their without a support system and without people by your side.   Let them know you care about them and the difference they make in your life.  Give them a shout out.  Give them a hug.  Let them know you care.

I can only hope that you all are lucky enough to have people around you that rock as much as my people do.  And if you don’t, you know what? I will be your people.  Here to support and encourage .

Shout out to my People: My husband, my kids, my parents, my grandparents, my sisters, my bros in law, my niece and nephew, my sis in law, my aunts, my cousins, my friends, my coaches, and my gym buddies, The WOD Crew , Team Badass.  And my blog buddies – this is an amazing community we have here.  I love chatting with all of you!

I am who I am because of all of these people.  And honestly, I would love to name them all, but that would take a while, lol.  You all know who you are.  I cherish you all.

I hope you take up the challenge this week.

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