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Refuse to Sink


Refuse to Sink.

I think this is a perfect way to explain how I feel right now.

My health, my life, my well being, I have taken  matters into my own hands and sticking with what works for me.

I Refuse to Sink.  I will Keep Swimming.  I will conquer no matter how long it takes.




This week at the gym, I was really proud of myself. Here is how I did:


8 min AMRAP

5 push press – 25 lbs

6 box jumps – I am jumping on 2 plates right now,

working my way back up to the box, currently at 7″

7 KB swings 0 26 lbs

I got 5 rounds, 11 reps

6 min AMRAP

6 thrusters – 25lbs

60 single jumps

I got 3 rounds.  Whoa Nelly were those jumps harder than I thought! Snuck up on me!

4 mins- as many backsquats as possible – 15 lbs – I got 60.

To say my legs were burnin would be an understatement.

Wednesday – Lift day!!!

My favorite!!! Wish it was every day 🙂

Back Squats

3-3-3-3 increasing weight after warm up set .  6lb- 75 lb- 85 lb – 95lbs!!!!!!   Yeah baby – 95 lbs, how the hell did I pull that out?!?!

Push Press


60 lb- 65 lbs- 70 lb- 75 lbs

Here are some pics from my Push Press -courtesy of my girl Alicia 🙂


And – Can I just say , I didn’t look as bad from the back as I thought I would , lol



Accessory work / 3 rounds

10 single leg dead lifts – 18lbs

8 seated presses – 18lbs

30 frog pumps

(3) 20 second hollow holds


4 rounds

200 m row

15 wall balls – 8lbs

15 box jumps – ( actually 7″ plates )

15 hollow tucks

I completed this in ……. get ready for it……. 18:24 !!!!!!   What the frack ?!?!?  I was dying, sweat dripping, eyeballs sweaty, ready to puke, but I DID IT!

Honestly, I believe it was the power of MC HAMMER , that propelled me.  We had a 90’s throwback jams playlist going , along with Hammer , we had Humpty Hump, No Diggity, you get the gist.  I was 2 Legit 2 Quit! It was quite the interesting class.  Coach Jane always makes it fun.


I have got to tell you folks, yours truly , is back at it , back in the game, and the Swim is strong! After the past year and a half of all my various crap, I am back doing what I need to do for me .

Managing my condition, once I had a better understanding of what is going on and how my body is reacting to things with the info from my drs, was number 1.

I needed to get working out.  I really just love working out in this format.  I do. I feel good, I feel strong , I feel fierce. I feel freakin awesome!

In addition, adding Plexus into my daily routine has helped so much . It has really helped me so much, I cannot even put it into words.  I wish I had discovered it sooner.  The funny thing is, I didn’t realize how much I wear my emotions on my face. I keep hearing how people can tell I am feeling better. How crazy is that?   I signed up to be a Plexus Ambassador because this product is now something I  NEED, I do. I figured why now get the most of it as possible.  If you are interested in learning about Plexus or want to give it a whirl – check  out my site : Meg’s Plexus Site.

Or shoot me an email – lets chat. lessthighsmorethunder@gmail.com

I feel better than I have in such a long time.

It’s taken me a while and its a long road, but I feel I am at the start of a great part of this journey!

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Things to Think About

Red to Gray


Did I say UGH?

Cause what I meant was UGH.



Let me just start off by saying how ugh I am right now . I am so incredibly pissed at myself and Wednesday nights workout was the icing on the damn cake .

I realize I have sucked lately , I am trying to get my groove back and failing miserably . I am trying to eat better and get this extra weight off that I put back on , I think I’m doing good and bam! Wednesday failure , fucking ugh . And I have no one to blame but myself but, throw me a fricken bone here !

So yesterday , here’s what happened:
Wednesdays workout was :
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 thrusters (I used 60 lbs)
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 box jumps ( I used 12″ box with 45 lb plate )
So it was thrusters, box jumps , thrusters , box jumps , you get the idea. I love box jumps , since I have been able to get on the box , it is my most favorite move , by far . So I was pumped for this , figured I could finish this in the time given. Thrusters would suck but I could do this . Timer goes off and we start going . For as long as I can remember when ever I do any sort of physical activity, my face gets red, I can feel it. Always been that way . This was an intense workout so of course I am going to be red. I didn’t think too much of it when my coach Jane came over to check on me , they usually check in with everyone , we get amazing personal attention . But as the workout went on , I could tell I was off , way off , to the point where I knew I had to stop. I was fighting back tears because I once again let myself down on something I CAN do and do pretty well. I stood by the window to get some fresh air and Jane checks in on me again and tells me I have gone from ” bright red to gray” a hilarious thought actually but serious and shitty . I sat down , I was shaking , trying to breathe / catch my breath. I just sat there and watched the rest of the class finish . My friend Jen, grabbed me a protein bar and it hit me that I hadn’t eaten much that day . I wolfed that sucker down . What a fuckin idiot I was , I was doing this workout and only ate a bowl of American chop Suey the whole day ! So stupid !

I  feel like I am constantly failing myself and its driving me nuts.  This journey is all me.  No one decides this – just me.  It is so mental its crazy.  I have been stuck and I swear its tar.  I was so upset driving home.

But, it was just one workout.  One day.  As much as I feel stuck and frustrated, the old me would of been derailed.  So, what did I do?

I went right back to class Thursday and was psyched!

Thursday I finished my workout in time and PR’d my Front Squats! Oh Fucking Yeah!

Here is how I did:

Front Squat Strength 5×3

3 x 65lbs, 3 x 65 lbs, 3 x 75 lbs, 3x 75 lbs, 3 x 80 lbs! <—————   PR BABY!!!

Workout for Time

5 Rounds

5 Ring Dips

25 Double unders

Time 11:54

I am still on the green band to assist with my dips, but I was finally able to lock my arms and keep the rings closer to me.  It felt great!  The DU, Coach Holly let me use her speed rope.  Boy! I did so much better than I have done lately with them.  I whipped the shit out of myself, but I did more DU’s than I have in such a long time, it felt so good.


Now, the ultimate sign, that yes, I am growing and changing.  Today my office got take out from Kelly’s Roast Beef.  A Boston classic.  I have written before about their cheesy fries.  Good Lord are they delicious.   I opted for the grilled chicken sandwich.  Yes, I suppose a salad would of been the healthiest choice, but for me, resisting the cheesy fries as they danced in front of me, tray after tray after delicious tray, was a VICTORY.



I have to keep swimming along, if I don’t , I am going to sink to the bottom, and AIN’T NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

For those who have seen the Sweet Brown Video – enjoy.  If you have not seen it, check it out.   It is Hilarious!


This gave me a chuckle!
This gave me a chuckle!


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Daily Rants and Raves

Falling is easy…

Falling is easy , it’s getting back up that becomes a problem…” Staind

Hello there folks !
If you are following along , you know how I just got out of my funk . I “fell”. But I am happy to report , I got out of the funk and back into the groove !

In class on Monday I took a crack at 14.2 . I knew I would not be able to do the Chest to Bars but I was determined to do at least 1 Overhead Squat . I started warming up and quickly realized, hell no, I had not done OH squats that heavy before.  But my coaches were freaking amazing and kept encouraging me.  So I kept practicing, literally falling on my ass several times.  Good thing I still got a big butt, lol.  Finally it comes time to start the clock.  My coach got a ball for me to use as a target to make sure each rep counted.  So, I start.  Didn’t do it on my 1st attempt, but kept trying.  And wouldn’t you know, I ended up getting 5!!!! I know some of you are thinking, 5? seriously? but to me – it felt – still feels amazing.  When I felt my butt touch that ball, it was the best feeling!  So yes, my 14.2 score is just a 5, but it is one heck of a 5 for me!

But wait – there’s more!

After my 14.2 it was time for the day’s WOD.

OTM for 14 min

Odd :3-5 HSPU

Even- 10 Box jumps

For the HSPU, My target was (2) 25 lbs plates and an abmat.  I have got the handstand part down now, and I can stay on the wall.  It was the push up part that was still alluding me.  Until Monday! Yup! I did them! I ended up doing 8 all together!  So excited! I have been working on them for so long, I almost sat there and cried.  My coach Jane was right there beside me pushing me and encouraging me.



All in all Monday was freaking amazing for me and exactly what I needed to get myself back swimming and up from the fall!


Strength practice was Alternating lunges.  4×16 reps – for this I did 55 lbs. This was a big step for me since my lunges have always been a struggle. It was wicked challenging, but I was determined to do it.  Boy, do my legs still hurt!

Then onto the WOD 12 min AMRAP

4 KB snatch R/L 26 lbs

6 1 arm KB Swing R/L 35 lbs

8 Burpees with 25 lb plate

Those damn burpees kill me every time! I suck at them, yes they are better than they were, but still, suck city.

Thursday night my son, Jason , was in the talent show at his school , so no class.  I have to say, he did a great job as host!


I have really grown through this process and everyday I am more and more proud of myself.  I am still riding high on the fact that I did not give up on myself, which is totally something I would of done before.   So, it may be baby steps, but , they are my steps and I can do this!

So, what is on tap for Monday – my attempt at 14.3

Deadlifts – I got that. no prob because I am only going to be able to do the 1st set.  I can’t jump on the 20″ box.  I crashed trying the 18″ and quite frankly, I value the use of my legs and shins too much to try it.  So, I will do my deadlifts and submit my score.  I have a feeling this weekend will see many an injury.


How are you doing? What are your triumphs? I would love to read all about them, please share!

We gotta keep swimming folks, never give up!

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Daily Rants and Raves

What’s on the Box?

I HATE not being able to do things like everyone else.  Since I started this journey, thats kinda the case. I keep moving, but sometimes the movements are modified.  And that’s Okay.  I just tell myself the proper way to do things is a goal. That gets me through. Plus its something to work towards.  When I started, I could not do a box jump if you paid me.    I literally had someone holding my hand trying top help me jump and still could not do it.  So, I started out on plate weights, each week adding 1 more plate – then finally on April 18th – ( yes I know the date ) I DID IT! I JUMPED ON A BOX! Not a high one, I think just a 12″ but hey! I freakin did it! I was so excited. I had met a goal! images-3

And that my friends – was AWESOME!

No matter how big or how small, having that goal keeps driving you.

You gotta do it! You gotta keep swimming – don’t give up and you will get there!