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Great Week!

Some day, that will be me - with brown hair !
Some day, that will be me – with brown hair !


I got back into the swing of things this week.  Back to my classes, and boy did it feel good.

I also started my Weekly One More Challenge! Challenge yourself to do just one more thing healthier than you did last week, being it taking the stairs, running a bit further, or cutting out the soda, like I did this week.  Check it out! I would love to hear what your ” One More” is and how you are doing!

I felt I did really good in my workouts this week, maybe because I am getting back to my routine, maybe because I am progressing, who knows, but I will take it.

Here is how I did this week.


30 seconds work, 90 seconds rest for 3 rounds each

Pull ups = used green and tan bands did 5 reps for 3 rounds

Back Squats = 65lbs – 8 reps , 75 lbs – 6 reps, 75lbs – 5 reps

8 minute AMRAP

12 Kettle bell Russian Swings – 53 lb KB !!!

6 Hands release push ups

total : 5 .5 rounds , 72 KB Swings, 30 push ups

I have to say, since my gym introduced barbells to the work outs, I really enjoy them.  I find that it is easier for me to do those darn squats with a bar on my back, lol.  I still struggled with the pull ups, but not as much as I had, so,  progress!  The KB swings, I really went up in my weights, the heaviest I had done was 35 lbs, so to go to 53 lbs, was not easy.  That was heavy! but i did it…. I was still kinda shocked that I could, so even though I only got through 5.5 rounds in the 8 minutes, I was really feeling awesome !



Barbell Snatch Practice

We did 5 sets of barbell snatches 3 reps each .

3x 25lbs





The snatch with the barbell was a new move for me, so I think next time, i will be able to add some more weight.

18 minutes, 3 rounds

30 wall balls – 10 lbs

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 12″ box

10 Ring Rows

30 wall balls – 10 lbs

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 12″ box

10 Ring Rows

20 wall balls – 10 lbs

So yeah, I did not get through the 3 rounds, not happy with that, but I am most definitely getting quicker at those damn burpees!  I still struggle big time with them, but I am moving quicker through them, thank goodness!



Deadlifts Practice

5x 145 lbs

5x 150lbs

5x 150 lbs

I totally went up in my deadlifts! Whoo hoo! But man, was that tough! I went from 120 lbs to now being able to do 150 lbs. 🙂

Strict Press Practice

5x 45 lbs

5x 45 lbs

5x 50 lbs

I had not done strict presses before, alot harder than I thought, but I love learning new things.

12 minute workout

100 Medicine ball cleans 12 lbs

55 Vups

Whoa Nelly, those MB cleans are the devil.  I did them though! We were supposed to do 75 V ups, but I could only get in 55 with the time I had left.  And they really aren’t V ups as much as they are Shin Ups. but hey, I felt great afterward.


I have got a lot of goals this year! I am going to list them all, so I can hold myself accountable, but that is for another post.

How about you? What did you do this week to get moving?

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