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Great Week!

Some day, that will be me - with brown hair !
Some day, that will be me – with brown hair !


I got back into the swing of things this week.  Back to my classes, and boy did it feel good.

I also started my Weekly One More Challenge! Challenge yourself to do just one more thing healthier than you did last week, being it taking the stairs, running a bit further, or cutting out the soda, like I did this week.  Check it out! I would love to hear what your ” One More” is and how you are doing!

I felt I did really good in my workouts this week, maybe because I am getting back to my routine, maybe because I am progressing, who knows, but I will take it.

Here is how I did this week.


30 seconds work, 90 seconds rest for 3 rounds each

Pull ups = used green and tan bands did 5 reps for 3 rounds

Back Squats = 65lbs – 8 reps , 75 lbs – 6 reps, 75lbs – 5 reps

8 minute AMRAP

12 Kettle bell Russian Swings – 53 lb KB !!!

6 Hands release push ups

total : 5 .5 rounds , 72 KB Swings, 30 push ups

I have to say, since my gym introduced barbells to the work outs, I really enjoy them.  I find that it is easier for me to do those darn squats with a bar on my back, lol.  I still struggled with the pull ups, but not as much as I had, so,  progress!  The KB swings, I really went up in my weights, the heaviest I had done was 35 lbs, so to go to 53 lbs, was not easy.  That was heavy! but i did it…. I was still kinda shocked that I could, so even though I only got through 5.5 rounds in the 8 minutes, I was really feeling awesome !



Barbell Snatch Practice

We did 5 sets of barbell snatches 3 reps each .

3x 25lbs





The snatch with the barbell was a new move for me, so I think next time, i will be able to add some more weight.

18 minutes, 3 rounds

30 wall balls – 10 lbs

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 12″ box

10 Ring Rows

30 wall balls – 10 lbs

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 12″ box

10 Ring Rows

20 wall balls – 10 lbs

So yeah, I did not get through the 3 rounds, not happy with that, but I am most definitely getting quicker at those damn burpees!  I still struggle big time with them, but I am moving quicker through them, thank goodness!



Deadlifts Practice

5x 145 lbs

5x 150lbs

5x 150 lbs

I totally went up in my deadlifts! Whoo hoo! But man, was that tough! I went from 120 lbs to now being able to do 150 lbs. 🙂

Strict Press Practice

5x 45 lbs

5x 45 lbs

5x 50 lbs

I had not done strict presses before, alot harder than I thought, but I love learning new things.

12 minute workout

100 Medicine ball cleans 12 lbs

55 Vups

Whoa Nelly, those MB cleans are the devil.  I did them though! We were supposed to do 75 V ups, but I could only get in 55 with the time I had left.  And they really aren’t V ups as much as they are Shin Ups. but hey, I felt great afterward.


I have got a lot of goals this year! I am going to list them all, so I can hold myself accountable, but that is for another post.

How about you? What did you do this week to get moving?

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Daily Rants and Raves

This week

I am a bit behind in my posts this week , sorry about that . Hope everyone had a good Holiday no matter what you celebrate . On to of Christmas this week , I also had some personal stuff going on , so alas, just 1 workout this week . I was really pissed that I missed Thursdays workout . It had all my favorite elements . But let’s not focus on the negative . Due to how busy I was last week I had not been to class in over a week so I was really looking toward to Mondays workout .


Sweet Baby Jesus was it a freakin killer ! We were given 25 minutes to complete the workout . Here is how I did .
30 front squats 55 lbs
15 burpee pull-ups
15 wall balls
12 burpee pull-ups
12 wall balls
9 burpee pull-ups
9 wall balls
30 power cleans
My time was 22:10

I was ready to die at the end . I mean layer on the floor unable to move ready to die . But – I was so proud of myself for finishing under time . And I got in one hell of a workout . That felt mighty awesome !

But by far the most awesomest of awesome things to happen this week happened Christmas Eve . I stopped by Richardsons dairy in Middleton to pick up an ice cream pie for dessert on Christmas . I hadn’t been to Richardsons in a while . I use to go every Friday for “Frappe Friday ” . I would go and pick up frappes for the whole office , usually 8-12 . I had a list , I’d give it to the girl and we had a whole system down . Well , besides myself the office is kinda on a fitness kick . So , needless to say , it’s been a bit . So , I go in and who do I see ? My frappe girl ! And she greets me with ” Hey ! How are you ?!? Where have you been ? YOU LOOK AMAZING !!! ” yes ! The ice cream girl said I look amazing ! That was a Cloud Nine Moment ! And I am still floating .


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Daily Rants and Raves

A Step is still moving forward – no matter how small

Hello there everyone!

Last night at class – I was a massive Fail. Massive.   We did 200 meter sprints.  My 3rd sprint – I hit a dip in the pavement and rolled my ankle.  I had to do slam balls for the rest of the class. I was soooo frustrated! But I had to look at this in a positive way. Before the sprints we did a 400 m run, and I think I did pretty good with that. So that was my positive.  I HAVE to find a positive in everything or else, I am going to fail… That has always been my problem, I find a negative and fail, fall off the wagon and end up back at square one. Not this time.

Tonight, I went into class determined.  We did The” Danny ” Hero WOD. It is supposed to be 20 AMRAP of 30 Box jumps, 20 Push Press and 30 Pull ups. I completed 2 full rounds and 1/3 of the 3rd. So here is the breakdown of what I did and my modifications:

Box jumps = usually I use the 12″ box, which I have been very confident on, but I do need to go higher, 18″ was too high, so we added a plate and I am guessing around 14-15″.  I was intimidated and we actually had a higher plate at first, but once I got going I was great.  I completed 3 rounds of 30 jumps = 90 jumps

Push Press= knowing we had push press tonight, I referred to my journal to see how heavy I had gone last time we did overhead lifting.  Last weight I did was 55 lbs.  So preparing myself, I knew I had to do at least 55 lbs.  Setting up my barbell, I was going to jump right to 55, but went with 45 to start, just to make sure I was thinking the right thing. And it was too light. I moved up to 55 lbs.  Surprisingly, I feel like I owned it! I felt like a machine ! It was awesome! I completed 2 rounds of 20 lifts and 6 into the 3rd round = 46 presses

Pull Ups = CHA RIGHT! Haha, yeah, no go on the pullups – so it was ring rows instead. I hate ring rows! I completed 2 rounds of 30 rows = 60 rows

For some reason tonight – I feel awesome! I can see my progression. I feel my progression.  I am ACTUALLY improving! This is such an incredible feeling.  Even though these are small steps , all these steps are carrying me to where I need to be.  Every small step counts.  Just Keep Swimming.

DON’T EVER GIVE UP! As long as you do it one more rep or 1 step farther or 1 jump more than last time, you are on your way.  This is a long journey, if we wait til the end to celebrate, what fun is that? Find your victories! Cherish them! Embrace each little moment for the highs and the lows of where you were.

Never give up!

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