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Color Me Rad!

Yesterday I participated in my second 5k.  Color Me Rad at Kimball Farm in Haverhill.  I was completely unprepared for this, but for me, this race was not about beating my time, it was about hanging with my girls, having fun and getting messy with colors being thrown at me.  Mission Success!

For those who are unfamiliar with a Color Run – you wear light colors and run/ walk the race . Through out the race there are different stations where they throw corn starch ” Color bombs ” at you.  So, by the end, you are basically a tie dyed mess.  The colors washed off when I got home, but the laughs are going to remain 🙂


There were tons of people there.  I went with my friends Kristina, Christel, and Melissa.  Loud music, stage with folks dancing and being silly to win prizes, free iced tea and picture ops.  We got in line to get our numbers and we were told there were no more safety pins.  That started our day of laughs, how were we going to keep the number on ourselves?  I opted for placing it in my cleavage for the time being.  We got our t shirts and we got sunglasses.  They had photo ops in different spots, we took our ” before ” picture and took some with the color bombs in different poses. During the wait in one of these lines for pictures, I started asking folks if I could have 1 of their safety pins.  Eventually we got 4 from random people so  we could at least have our number pinned to us somehow.  After that,  We hung out for a bit until it was time to get in line for our wave.


Here is our before pic – complete with the Photo Bomb !

Me, Melissa, Christel, Kristina - unknown gal photo bomber in the back
Me, Melissa, Christel, Kristina – unknown gal photo bomber in the back

And we were off, it moved really slow, so I was psyched, thinking ” Okay, maybe I CAN run this”.  We ran into our friend Jen from the gym during the first stretch.  Then we round a corner to this ridiculous hill.  Steep and covered in mud – not intentional for the race, but mother nature.  The first “SWEET BABY JESUS” of the day was let out.  So here I am trying to climb this stupid hill , they had these little ropes for people to hold on to, my feet keep slipping.  All I can think is my feet are going to slip, I am going to fall and all these little folks behind me are going to be knocked over like bowling pins when my body comes crashing down the hill.  Thank goodness I made it to the top with no crashes!

We get to the top and see the lay of the land.  Or rather should I say the slant of the land.  The course was carved out of the fields of the farm, basically, they mowed part of the field and created the track.  So, yeah, the grass and unevenness of the path was wonderful to attempt to run on.  I cannot imagine how many rolled/ sprained ankles there were.  It was really hard to run on for me.  So, at that point , Melissa and I opted to walk it.  Which still was difficult, but there were tons of people who made the same decision.  They had different photogs set up along the route, so when we got close, we would do actions shots like we were running.  Make it look good, lol.  So, we kept moving, we hit all the color stations.  One of them was this liquid blue one, brrr… it was cold.  Got all over my hands too, I looked like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka.

We trekked through the course and finally had the finish in our sites.  I tried to run down the finish line, it was soooo un even, lucky I did not not trip. But at the finish were my girls, cheering us on.  Awesome feeling!  We ended up with a time of about 50 minutes.  I didn’t think that was too bad, since my running 5 k time is 45  minutes.  But honestly, who cares?  It was about having fun.  At the finish we also got to see 2 of our other gym gals, Kelly and Cristina come across the finish.

The absolute best part of they day was watching Melissa’s friend Jen make her way to the finish line.  It was her first 5 k.  I remember mine and the feeling of accomplishment is so overwhelming when you make that commitment to yourself.  It was a really tough course to do as your first 5k.  I don’t even know her, but I was so proud of her.  I am so glad I got to share in her moment.

Its moments like those that make this journey so freaking awesome.  We meet these amazing people and we all share the same goals.  We all cheer each other on.  Its just what we do.  Cause, who doesn’t need a cheering squad, right?

Here are some more pics from our day :

Kristina and Me
Kristina and Me
Me and Melissa
Me and Melissa
Color bombs going up!
Color bombs going up!
# Letmetakeaselfie
# Letmetakeaselfie
Finally taller than Christel!
Finally taller than Christel!


Amazing girls!!!
Amazing girls!!!
Finish Line!
Finish Line!


Me and Christel post  race
Me and Christel post race


Bad Ass BeFitters at the finish!!!
Bad Ass BeFitters at the finish!!!


So, no, I did not break any personal records.

So, no, I did not run the whole thing.

So, no, I will not be making the cover of Runners Weekly.


But, I had one hell of a day ! It was a freaking blast and I cannot wait to have even more people to do it with next year.



And one more pic for my girls :

” Mount a Llama and ride it to the finish!”



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5 K – Check!

You read it correctly! I finished my first 5 K today! And it feels AWESOME!!!

Lets go back to the beginning of the week : Mondays nights class, I ran, felt good.  By Wednesday full on cold had set in.  I think it was more of a sinus infection since my head and eyes were killing me.   I was taking everything I could find.  Felt like crap.  Still had to work, so I  couldn’t rest like I wanted to.  When I am sick – I need rest, so building up to this run, I was kind of freaking out.   I  was terrified of this run.  I was even more devastated at  the thought of not being able to do this thing I had been building myself up for.

Well, I was able to have Saturday off , so I rested , all day.  And when I woke up today…. I felt so much better!

So at the crack of dawn, we piled into the car and headed to the run.  It meant a lot to me that my husband and kids were coming with me.

When we arrived, I had to pickup my bib.  My very first number!

I’m official !

I met up with some other gals from the gym and we headed to the start line.  Got my Map my run app going, tunes were on, and we were off!  The first mile I felt good, kinda of kept up with people too.  First mile I was done in about 13:30 minutes. I was psyched!  I Kept going , the crowd around me was dwindling out , as I knew it would. The run today had a turnaround point where you came back the way you went.  So , as I was chugging along, I was seeing all the gals from the gym coming down the other side on their way back.  It was great to look up and see happy faces encouraging me.  At the 2 mile mark is when my feet started to go numb, not sure if that is a normal thing for someone running or not, or if it is normal for an overweight person running, but it happened.  But I kept going, Just Keep Swimming!   Around 2  1/2 miles, The song ” Brave ” by Sara Barilles came on my phone.  It was awesome! I kept moving and moving.  Hit 3 miles! I was so happy to be near the end.  Just Keep Swimming!  I took my headphones out for the final stretch.  Then along side me, my friend Melissa from the gym.  We were going to cross the finish line together!

We ran up to the finish line, I look up and who do I see? My sweet nephew Dexter! And my brother in law, Mark.  I had no idea they would be coming.  Then I look and see my husband Chad, and my kids Tyler, Jason , and Maddie, cheering me on at the finish line.  Then at the end, my sister Rachel!  It was such an amazing feeling to finish.  It was awesome to finish along side my bud Melissa.  And it was the absolute best to finish with my family watching.

Here are some pictures from the finish line:


Just Keep Swimming!!!



My son’s hand sticking out as we run through the finish

I don’t even know how to describe how I feel finishing this run.  I am so overcome.  I finished, but now I want to do better.  My results are below:

Place No.  Name                Div/Tot  Div   Ag S City         St Nettime Pace  Guntime Pace 
276  385 Megan Ashworth       57/61   F3039 33 F North Andove MA   45:04 14:31   45:27 14:38

I didn’t finish last, almost, lol, 276 out of 293, but its a start and I am pretty darn proud. It is something to work on.  Another goal to crush.  I can’t be stopped! I am going keep moving and keep swimming.    It was a great day.

If you learn anything from my blog, I hope it is to never give up, no matter the odds.  We all have greatness within us, sometimes it just takes a while for our spark to be lit.  My spark is on fire! And there ain’t no way it is burning out any time soon.

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