Things to Think About

Planking with style

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I am not progressing at the gym like I would like. Mainly because I can’t get there as much as I’d like. Even though its only 2 days a week, its been a struggle. If I run late at work (which tends to happen at least once a week) I can’t make it to class on time. It is what it is. So, I was going to quit the gym for now until I can commit fully to the 2 times a week. They told me I could do 1 time per week. Its not ideal, but at least I know I can get there 1 time a week and I am still trying. I feel like this is a neverending journey. I am always going to have to try and keep at it. And for fucks sake, I need to lose these 15 lbs! Ugh.

Moving forward ! Went to class tonight . Let me tell you bitches…. I rocked it. I felt amazing! It has been a while since I left the gym happy with how I did or what I did. I am ALWAYS the fat chick. And with being the fat chick, comes modifications to the movements. Its discouraging but, I gotta move anyway I can . I really love these classes because the structure is perfect for me. Short intervals of all the movements.

Every class we plank. Multiple times . And multiple times a night i can’t hold the plank. Even though its just a minute, I usually break.

BUT NOT TONIGHT PEOPLE!!!! Thats right! This fat ass held each and every plank!!!! The whole time!!! Huge for me. I know it seems so small, but man, I was PUMPED!

Every class we usually use the treadmills. Again, short periods of time, but again its a treadmill and running. My nemesis. I have been working myself up to running every time. Its been slow going.

BUT NOT TONIGHT PEOPLE!!!! Thats right again. This bitch ran on the treadmill each time. Me!

I know that these victories are small and will seem small to most of you , but to me, tonight was freaking awesome. This journey has been so long, with ups and downs like crazy. Filled with disappointment in myself. BUT NOT TONIGHT PEOPLE!!! I am so proud of myself.

I have done Crossfit. Not perfectly , but I got some excellent training and form. I can say that , the moves I can do , I do have good form. Its getting the rest down thats an issue. I want to be able to do each move the proper way . I get so down on myself . But then I look over at the people in class, and I am doing some of these moves with better form. Another little victory for me! I am not judging everyone for their skill set. Just merely using it for my own self esteem, lol.

All in all, despite my being upset with myself as of late in the gym, I am so happy with tonight. It feels good. So damn good. Now my issue will be to see if I can do it next class!

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