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The Bitch is Back , Baby!

Hello my good people! How is everyone doing ? How are we surviving this global pandemic?I feel like I am always writing that I am back.  So , here I am . Not giving up. Still swimming, still moving forward.

I know a lot of you have joined me on this journey since the beginning and I am so grateful.  But for those just joining us, lets recap:

2013 – started weight loss program – working out on a regular basis – lost about 30 lbs during

2014 – Halloween – found lump and started my Meganitis journey trying to find diagnosis and treatment

2015-2017 intermittent time in the  gym , struggled with intense pain and exhaustion

2018 -June  had sleeve gastrectomy surgery

2019 – May started Rituaxan infusions

2020- November – back into the gym

Along the way , dealt with the pain and discomfort of Meganitis, making life much more difficult.

So, here I am.

2017 with Ross Marquand aka ” Aaron ” on Walking Dead
July 2020

I’ve come a long ass way and there is so much further to go. I am very excited to report that I have found a new gym!  It has been really difficult to find a program, that is what I am looking for and works with my schedule.  I have been very lucky that I have been working this whole pandemic so I had to find something that I could do after work . I was on my way home from work and I  saw a sign like 5 minutes from my office. 

The gym is called Pulse Fit.   I am really enjoying this program.  I contacted the owner and had my free introductory class.  Kicked my ass! And I loved it!  It a circuit training program with  the movements changing everyday.  It is super fast paced,but I am  starting to catch on ( I think) I just try my best. Honestly, I am terrible at 75 % of the movements but I do the best I can and I am happy with that. I like that it is short intervals of everything,like 2-3 mins,  cause that’s about as long as I can last lol.  Class is an hour long.  I am a dripping sweaty mess and its awesome.  I am dying  during class, but its a welcomed death.

I am really hoping this is the catalyst that gets me under 200 lbs.  A whole new world has opened up since I started my infusions.  It sucks I have to spend the day in the hospital every 4 months, but, 100% worth it to feel good. 

I am happy and am confident that I am moving in the right direction.

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