Things to Think About

NSV : The sweetest of all the victories

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I want to talk about NSV’s.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, NSV means :

NON SCALE VICTORY :   a way to measure your weight loss program without the measure of a scale

NSV’s are great cause I find its those, that are the every day reminders of this journey.  My latest NSV happened this week.  I ordered pants on Zulily .  For those that have not shopped on Zulily – its great! Great prices , but everything ships out weeks after you order it.  As well as most things are final sale hence the lower prices.  But, I love it. 

So, I ordered some capris at the beginning of the summer. They arrived this week.  I ordered the wrong size. UGH. But I figured I would see if I could fit my fat ass in them anyways.  And wouldn’t you know?!??! My Fat ass fit in them! A size smaller!   

That’s a NSV!

Some other ones I have experienced :

Being able to cross my legs ( unassisted not pulling my legs up with my arms )

Able to walk longer with no issues – this I am so happy about!

Have fit into clothes without “W” in the size – not fully out of plus size but getting there

Here’s the great thing about NSV’s – they are YOURS. Whatever you feel is a victory . It is yours and you earned that shit!

So , I want you to think about that . What are some of your NSV’s?  I’d love for you to share.

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