Things to Think About

A flare today but that’s okay

Honestly, I have had a pretty good couple of weeks . But man , my legs today when I got home were ( and still are ) screaming . 

It really sucks . I wanted to work out tonight . But my legs had other plans . I have resolved to be better and more positive about my conditions.  

Normally I would be really upset that I couldn’t do what I wanted .  But instead , I’m just rolling with it . 

The thing is , I HAVE TO . I have to function and more importantly I need to listen to my body . Take it slow when I need to and accelerate when I can . That’s part of the reason I chose the Piyo . I can go at my own pace when I’m at home .

In the mean time , I am eating better and having Shakeology for lunch . I’m happy to report I’m on my way ! 

I’m in such a better place about this whole process now . It’s a good feeling . 

Hope I can make it last ! 

Gotta keep swimming!!!!

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