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The Chicken Wing Method

Hi Folks!

It has been a great week for me work out wise.  Right now, we are in the middle of a snow storm, so I figured it was a great time to tell you all about it.

I worked out 3x this week.  Trying to get back into the groove is both hard and humbling.  But, boy, was I happy to get in 3x .


Wednesday was strength day.  Here is how I did:

Overhead Squats – On The Minute for 10 minutes.

4 reps each minute – I had to use the training bar.  15 lbs and it was hard.  Sweet Baby.  Its amazing how just being out of it, really for 6 months, affects your body and how much it ” forgets”.

The humbling didn’t stop there.  Then it was on to the workout portion.

3 rounds

10  step ups r/l —> 18 lbs

10 Bend over rows —>18 lbs

10 Strict Press —> 12.5 lbs.  12.5 freaking tiny pounds. Good Lord.  The worst part was it was a struggle.  It was hard for me.

That really sealed the deal, that I am starting from the beginning again.  And that is okay.  I always say this is a journey. It really is.  Ups, downs, beginnings, endings, restarts.  Its all good.



4 min Amrap

3 wall climbs

6 Burpee Box Jumps

50 single jumps – I was able to do some double unders 🙂

I got through 1 round and 3 reps

6 min Amrap

4 wall climbs

8 Burpee Box Jumps

50 single jumps

I got through 1 round and 5 reps

8 Min Amrap

5 wall climbs

10 Burpee Box Jumps

50 Single jumps

I got through 1 round and 8 reps


I was really happy that I increased my reps each round as well as I was able to complete 1 full round each set.  I just had to keep moving.



Here we come to the name of todays post.

In this class we worked on Front Squats and Squat Cleans.  I always struggle with the squats. That is no secret.  I thought I did pretty good at my cleans.  I learned, not so much.  I always struggle to get my elbows up.  We broke down the clean and I finally got it right.  It feels so much different.  I call it the ” Chicken Wing Method”  Cause you gotta bring your elbows up like chicken wings.  What ever you gotta do, right? Hey, it worked ! They used to tell me the same way and say the same things, but this time it clicked, better late than never.


Here is the workout that followed:

15 Front Squats 25 lbs

25 bar Hops

10 Push Press 25 lbs

15 Squat cleans 25 lbs

25 bar hops

10 Push press 25 lbs

25 bar hops

15 Front Squats 25 lbs

The bar was a little too high for me to jump over right now, so I used a hurdle.  I could jump over the bar any way I wanted. Mostly I did lateral hops, but to have some fun as I do. I went into ” Elegant Gazelle” mode. What do you think? lol

Elegant Gazelle... well, kinda/ sorta.  Maybe not, but I got off the ground!
Elegant Gazelle… well, kinda/ sorta. Maybe not, but at least I got off the ground!

Yes, I am a goof ball.  But, if you can’t have fun, then why bother?  And I know what you are thinking…. panty line. Right? Not that my fat ass isn’t big enough on its own, but that big ol line across it doesn’t make it look smaller.  Anyways…I’m a Fatty McButter trying to be less fatty right now.  There is not sugar coating it. I got shit to work on. And I am okay with that.

To quote my fav – Stuart Smalley …. ” I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me! ”


If you don’t know who Stuart Smalley is, check out the link above.  Serious SNL gold.

It really was a great week.  I have some long term goals I am working on.  More on those next post.

Until then, Keep Swimming folks!

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4 thoughts on “The Chicken Wing Method”

  1. Doesn’t matter what size you are, panty lines will always creep up. Id rather show some line than have to call search and rescue inorder to find a deeplynlodged thong out of my butt! Nicely done Meg and I love the graceful gazelle! 😉

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