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Hi everyone!

I know it has been ages, and I am so sorry for that, but I have been going through some health issues that have basically consumed my life.

I discovered a lump on my neck a couple of months ago.

Not one to mess around with such things, I immediately got it checked out.  I went to an Urgent Care location near work to see if I could get some answers.  They did some blood work, said it was probably an infection and if it didn’t go away in 3 weeks, go see my primary care doctor.  Cha, 3 weeks.  Yeah , right. Went to my primary care and he too, said it was probably an infection and started me on antibiotics.  He said if it did not go away in a week, come back and we will have to get a CT Scan.  So, yup, no change in the lump and CT Scan was ordered.  So, I did the CT Scan, CT Scan came back after a couple of days and said the fact that the lump did not respond to the antibiotics ” raises concern for malignancy such as lymphoma.”  This was me reading the report cause I did not want to wait.  I have been a crazy person, the amount of waiting is ridiculous. My Primary care doctor said to prepare myself that this could be cancer.  My ENT on the other hand said it could just be fluid or a cyst.  This was after the CT Scan.

Basically at this point, it was time for a biopsy.  So, we did a biopsy.  A week later, the Biopsy  came back negative for cancer , but due to my age and the fact the lump has not gone away, the decision was made to remove the lymph node with the lump.

This happened a week ago today.  My neck has this gross scar on it now and tomorrow I find out what is up with the lump.

I am a complete mess right now.  Mentally and Physically exhausted.

And this is my problem.  My mind is racing all over the damn place with the ” what ifs” .  I am trying my hardest to be positive.  I am, so hard.  It is not easy.  I know folks who have beaten cancer.  So, honestly I keep preparing myself that if its positive, then I can deal with it.  I can .  I know I am strong.

The thing that pisses me off so much about this is just the process of the whole thing.  Like, seriously, this has been going on for months.  How do people with serious medical issues deal with this? The waiting is just horrible.

I am blessed that up until now, I have been relatively healthy if you don’t count the overweightness.  I have the absolute best family and friends around sending me their love and good positive vibes.

Just Keep Swimming has taken on a new meaning.  Just gotta keep going and hope for the best.

I hope that next post will be me telling you that everything was negative and life is continuing as normal.  If not, I vow to give it all I’ve got.


Thanks for coming on the swim….until next time….

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