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Back to the Beginning



Whenever I say the phrase ” Back to the Beginning” I think of the Princess Bride where Inigo Montoya ( played by the amazing Mandy Patinkin)  is drunk and Fezzik ( played by larger than life Andre The Giant) finds him when he needs to clear the Thieves Forest.  And I say it in my head the way Inigo says it…. silly, I know but it makes me laugh.  Check it out.  I tried finding a good clip of the line but the one I found was of horrific quality, and my readers deserve better than that! Seriously, The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time.   Yes, I am one of those people who can quote the whole movie.

Had such a crush on him when I was a little kid....
Had such a crush on him when I was a little kid….



But I digress…

So, tonight was my first night back to Cross Fit in almost  month.  As much as it stunk for me not working out – I am kinda glad my doctor said to take it easy, it is a strenuous activity.  So, I am glad I waited.  I felt like it was my first night.  I regressed so much. Ugh 😦

Here’s How I did :

Strength :

Back Squats 4×12

Last time I did back squats, I PR’D! Tonight – it was more reps and totally did not even get close to my PR. My PR is 145 lbs. Tonight it was 65 lbs.  And Good Lord was it hard! But I did 4 sets of 12.  So, I am happy with that.


3 rounds for time

10 OHS

30 abmat sit ups

45 Kettle bell Swings

15 min time cap

I made it through exactly 2 rounds.  My Overhead Squats were atrocious, so so so bad, so incredibly bad that I had to use the training bar.  Granted, its been quite a while, but the training bar ? Christ, my ego was crushed into tiny itty bitty pieces.  I could only do a few reps with the womens bar, no way I could do the whole workout with it.  Soul crusher.  Blah.

The abmat sit ups I feel I did really good, I decided to challenge myself and do them as butterfly sit ups.  I could do those…

Kettlebells – I usually use the 35 lbs KB, but first night back, I didn’t want to kill myself, so I went with the 26 lb.

All in all, it was great to be back .  I feel good.  Looking forward to tomorrow night!

Then, this weekend, my friends and I are doing the Biggest Loser Walk/ Run ! Should be interesting!

Gotta keep swimming!

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