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Tuesday’s Ten Most Awesome

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Seriously, my mind raced all night – Prozac did not work, lol!

During my tossing and turning , like a million thoughts came to me.  One of them being, I have gotten such awesome feedback on this blog and my journey, lets expand it!

One thing about me is , I am real.  I tell it like it is, good, bad or indifferent.  I am an emotional goof ball.  So, I figured I would give this weekly post thing a go, but different than the Weekly One More. Weekly One More is about what I can do better to be the best me I can be, but baby steps at a time.

This one not so much fitness, but more just fun or whateva!  A random list of things besides my family ( obviously) that make me chuckle .

Here Goes:


Tuesday’s Ten Most Awesome Things to be Happy About !  ( in no particular order )

1. Listening to my daughter sing Tik Tok by Kesha ( and the wicked cool dance moves that go with it)

2. Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bars – Good Lord I could eat these all day

3. Old Navy Active work out clothes – what took me so long to get these?

4. Miss Saigon Original London Cast Music – Love Lea Salonga!

5. Central AC – it is muggy and humid here right now.  Frizzy hair city

6. Quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail with my kids in the car  – ” Tis but a scratch! ”

7. Going out for a hamburger with my Grampy

8. Viral videos – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

9. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

10. Any music  you can do the Roger Rabbit to


So, that was the 1st Tuesday’s Ten Most Awesome.  Hope you enjoyed! Would love to see your Ten Most Awesome ! IT can be anything – make it what you want. #TTMA

We can’t sweat the small stuff, we have got to embrace it!

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