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Meg vs Jackie

For those that are familiar with Cross Fit, you know about the Cross Fit benchmark WOD’s. For those unfamiliar , Cross Fit has benchmark workouts named after heroes and women . Theses are some of the hardest workouts but they are great because they come around every so often and you can judge your progress .


Wednesday we did “Jackie”.  Jackie is :

1000 m row
50 Thrusters 45 lbs
30 pull-ups – double green bands

My time was 19:53 .

I know , not a great time but I was super happy with my performance .  I was happy because it was the first time that I did a workout with high reps and was able to do the pullups.  Usually in these instances, I have to resort to ring rows. I took my time, doing 5 at a time and it felt great when I was done!


Can’t wait to see what this week has instore!

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3 thoughts on “Meg vs Jackie”

  1. I tried CF on Friday. It was a challenge that’s for sure, but I enjoyed it. I don’t remember the name of the WOD, but it was row 750m, dead lifts, and ring pushups for three rounds

    1. It is an awesome challenge and it feels great afterwards. Not every WOD has a name, but that sounds like a great workout. Rowing is so deceiving I find. My legs feel like jello when I get up from the machine and to go into dead lifts, where you get your power from your legs, that has got to be tough! What I like is that the work outs are different everyday, I love the variety. Good Luck !

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