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The Weekly One More 1/26/14

Megs thingsHello there peeps!

It is Weekly One More Time! For those just joining us – the Weekly One More is where we do just one more little healthy/ fit thing each week than we did before.  Its all about baby steps.

This week, my one more, is Take the Stairs.  Yes, is this simple? Yup. You got it.  But think about it, how many times are we presented with the escalator at the mall, or the elevator at the office?  Heck! Even my gyms building has an elevator, and believe me, it has been hard not to take it sometimes!

Any physical activity is better than doing none.  Any movement is better than staying still.

So, its an easy one for me this week, but one that I can’t veer from.


What is your One More this week?

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10 thoughts on “The Weekly One More 1/26/14”

  1. Reblogged this on SugarFreeSweety and commented:
    I decided to follow Megan on The Weekly One More Challenge.
    My One More this week will be to swim 500m when I finish working. I´m in the pool for 3-4 hours, 4 nights a week but usually I´m feeling to lazy to swim after all this time in the water. I swim a bit with my kids but not that much and I hope this week will help me get back into swimming.
    The reason I´m only swimming 500 meters a day is simply because there is NO excuse not to swim them, it´s so little.

    I´m off to the pool 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea. Just one little thing to add to your week. I am going to attempt to do a plank of at least 30seconds every day. Iv never really done planks before but see them everywhere!

    1. Thanks! I find planks are one of those things that in theory look so easy and then when you are holding yourself up you realize how much of a core exercise it is. I myself, have done a plank for 1:10 min. It does take practice. Building your core will definitly help. Good Luck! Can’t wait to see how you do!

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