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The Weekly One More 1/19/14

Megs things

It’s time for the Weekly One More! For those of you just joining us, the Weekly One More is where we challenge ourselves to do 1 more healthy/ fitness related thing than we did before.

How’d y’all do last week on your Weekly One More?  I succeeded in exercising one more day than my workouts.  I had 3 classes last week and went walking on Sunday.  I am still at no soda too!

So, this week, what are you going to do? What is the ” One More” thing you are going to do to be fit and healthy?

My “One More” is better eating.  I will admit, my eating has been out of control the past weeks, badly.  I am also the first to admit, I am a baby when it comes to fruits and veggies.  So, I need to incorporate more of them.  That is my goal.  Honestly should of been my goal a long ass time ago.

What are your goals for the week? What are you going to do? I’d love to hear!

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