Daily Rants and Raves

Sometimes you need a kick in the tush


December was a very rough for me.  Fitness wise, mentally, you name it – it was a crappy month.  I did have a lot going on, but I was a slacker.  My coach wrote a blog today about committing and getting yourself to the gym to get the results you want.    It really hit a chord.  I looked to see how many times I had been to the gym this month, I am disgusted with myself.  I shouldn’t of let things get in the way so much to miss so many workouts.

I decided my absolute best motivator is myself. So, I read back and all the feelings I had writing all the posts came back.  Like this one  I was on my way to losing my way again, and I steered the wagon back onto the track.  I have got to Keep Swimming.  I have been sinking as of late, time to get my legs kicking again!

So, what am I doing about it?


Damn straight I am ! I just signed up for the Color Me Rad Run on May 31st.  It is a 5k.  Phew! Feels good to be setting goals and having the mind set to smash them.  My big goal is to finish quicker than my 1st 5k, so if I can do that, I will be happy. Either way, should be a blast!  Gotta get my confidence up to wear an all white outfit, though.

I did get a workout in this week , thank goodness.  I thought I did pretty well.  Here is how I did:

40 Abmat Butterfly sit ups

30 Back Squats 60 lbs

20 Ring Rows

10 Push Press 60 lbs

20 Ring Rows

30 Back Squats 60 lbs

40 Abmat Butterfly sit ups

Time : 18:52

I was kinda shocked that I finished in under 20 minutes.  It goes to show how well I have progressed.  I even got rid of the ball under my butt for my squat target!

It’s a new year and while 2013 did bring about a new Me, I am going to Keep Swimming and Shine in 2014!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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