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This Past Week’s Workouts




Realized I am behind in my workout postings too.  Only made it to class on Monday and Wednesday this week.  Like I have said before, been really busy this week.  But here is how I did:


6 rounds for time

4 Wall Climbs

16 Reverse Lunges – 22 lbs DB

32 Lateral Hops

My time was 26:38.  We were only supposed to have 25 minutes, but Jane let me finish the work out.  I love that about my coaches.  They both have come to know me so well and they know I want to finish.  They push me until I finish. Lets break down the WOD.  The Wall Climbs – I feel I did better at these then I did last time I did them.  I was actually able to move my hands closer to the wall, of course not where they are supposed to be, but it was closer than I have gotten.  Progress!  Then it was the darn reverse lunges. UGH. WOD Killer for me.  Those darn lunges, front or back get me every time.  But, this time, I had 22 lbs in each hand when I did them.  This Was HUGE for me.  Last time I did reverse lunges, I don’t think I used any weight let alone 22 lbs,  so even though they took me forever and I wanted to die – I did them! More progress!  Then the lateral hops – now this is one of those silly little moves that in my head, I am like – jumping? Over a hurdle? Easy peasy.  Then you actually do it and its like – Cha! You crazy !  I have been working on getting more than 1-2 jumps in a row every time we do them.  And I have been getting better.  This night, I was able to get 12 in a row! Whoo Freakin Hoo!!! you know what I am going to say next – YUP = MORE PROGRESS! And it feels soooooo good!


Wednesday night was a hard one for me.

60 Plank Jacks

50 Medicine Ball Cleans  12 lb ball

40 Burpees

30 Wall Balls 12 lb ball

20 Push Ups

10 Turkish Get Ups  7.5 lb db

My time was 24:53

Then I did a 500 m row

So , yeah, this was tough.  Plank Jacks, I started really good, then it was a struggle.  The Medicine Ball cleans suck – I hate them.  Its a double squat essentially.  I do not like them in the slightest.  Then my WOD Killer – those darn Burpees.  Whenever there are Burpees, you know, I say it all the time, it takes me forever.  So, tonight, I took a different approach.  I had 40 to do which was so scary.  So, I did 2 at a time.  I paced myself.  And you know, I feel I did so much better with my burpees.   I was really pleased with that.  Wall balls, another enemy of mine. Ugh.  Push ups weren’t too bad.  TGU’s.  Sweet Baby Jesus. I can do them, but it has been a while.  I had a 15 lbs KB and had to go down to a 7.5 lb DB to get them done.  I just could not move.  I could not get myself up off the ground to stand straight.  I was pissed about that.  I still got the work out done in under 25 minutes.  So that is good.  Check out the video of Turkish Get ups – so you can see for yourself 🙂

Stinks that I only got 2 work outs in 😦  This week is not going to be much better either.  My oldest’s birthday is Monday, he has a concert Wednesday and then a Band Dinner Thursday that families are to attend.  So just Tuesday this week.

I tired working out at home today.  I did ok. I did some squats, push ups, sit ups and burpees. yes, burpees.  But I need my peeps pushing me.  I need my coaches .  It is not easy doing this at home, especially with the family around.  I know it works for some people – working out at home, but I am not one of those people.

While I won’t be in the gym this week as much as I want, it is really important for me to make better choices as far as my eating goes.  That , my friends, is going to be the biggest challenge. But, you know what I say…. Gotta Keep Swimming!

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2 thoughts on “This Past Week’s Workouts”

    1. thanks, but the chick in the video alas is not me, I probably should of put that on there. I can do the Turkish get up though 🙂 I am just trying to get fit after 14 years of letting myself go. I am on my way. But I wouldn’t mind being a bad ass!

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