Daily Rants and Raves

Roller gurl….


Yesterday my daughter had a birthday party at a local roller skating rink. She is 6 so my fear was having to go out and roller skate with her since she has never done it before . I, myself have not roller skated since middle school. Plus in middle school, I was not wicked over weight .
So , this was going to be a challenge . I wanted to show my daughter how to do this, but mentally, I was terrified . So what did I do ? I bucked up , tossed on some skates and got myself a Rollin’ . I never realized how much of a core exercise roller skating is . I found myself using more of my core than my legs . Thank goodness for Cross Fit !!
We had a great time ! I don’t think if I was not on this journey , I would of been able to do as well.
This is part of the whole reason I am doing this . To be able to enjoy these moments . And that my friends is the best ! Gotta keep swimming !

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