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Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! I hope you all had a wonderful day . I know I sure did .

Last night for starters my kids and I went to my mothers house to help her pull out her Christmas stuff and start setting up her holiday stuff . My daughter is always so excited to see my mom. She gets especially excited when my mother pulls out her Barbie collection . Last night she had all the Barbies lined up and she was in Heaven . It was fun helping out and having my kids take part in it . Plus , she made cookies , I couldn’t resist . I did however , not stuff my face full of pizza like I used to ,so I felt victorious . I legit used to eat 4 pieces of pizza in a sitting , so having only 2 was great .

Thanksgiving is a big thing in my family . We go to my grandparents house every year. I am blessed that my grandparents are still here . They are 88 and 89 years old and still have their wits about them . My dad and aunts do the cooking now , but my Gram still holds her throne and makes sure everyone has got food in their bellies . Plus my aunt makes the most unbelievable desserts , be jealous πŸ˜‰

I had a great chat with my aunt and cousin about my fitness journey and how it’s been going for me . I had not seen them in months , so it was nice to chat about it . This is a journey and it is now my lifestyle . I have embraced it for all that it is . I like talking about it and how I have changed .

But , by far, the best moment for me was right before I left . My grandfather came up to me and asked I am still exercising . Of course I replied “yes” . He said he can tell, he can see it in my face . This is what I hear the most from people but , my grandfather has immacula degeneration and his eyesite is really bad . So, for me, the fact that he can see enough to tell that I am losing weight and the fact he took time to tell me , well, it meant the world .

The holidays are about being with the people you care about and I am so very thankful for mine .

Just keep swimming,


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