Things to Think About

2 am funk

So it’s 2 am here in good ol Massachusetts and I cannot sleep for the life of me . My mind is racing . I have been fighting a cold / sinus infection for a week and a half then it was sprinkled in with a stomach bug / flu that swept our house . Good news – down 3 more pounds ! So, I am down a total of 35 pounds ! Yes, I know being sick isn’t a ” healthy” way to lose weight , but beggars can’t be choosers , so I will take it !

I haven’t been to class in almost 2 weeks , I am really looking forward to getting back at it Monday night . I feel good that I did my 5 k though. At least I got that in and knocked it off my list 🙂

I have to say a giant Thank You to everyone that has been supporting me on this journey . The amount of support and encouragement I received in response to my 5k was so overwhelming . I cannot believe it . The fact that so many of you are coming along for the swim and are rooting for me, well, it warms my heart . I won’t let you down .

Sweet dreams,
Meg 🙂

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