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Meg vs Nancy




Tonight we tackled the Cross Fit wod Nancy . For those of you just joining us, Cross Fit has a series of workouts named after women, they also have a series of workouts named after fallen heroes . Tonight – I danced with Nancy .

Nancy is pretty simple when you break it down : 400 meter run . 15 overhead squats : 5 rounds for time .

Every time it looks “not so bad”, I am ready to die the next day . But since I am gearing up for the 5 k , I was kinda looking forward to the run portion. The overhead squats on the other hand , I was dreading . You know my squats are not good , getting better but still not good . And holding a barbell over your head while you squat is not my idea of a picnic . Granted since my squats are bad I just had 20 lbs of weight , but still, that sucked .

I got the first run done in under 4 minutes , with the help of my run buddy Joanne , the run didn’t seem so bad . I found it so much easier having someone by my side to chat with while running along . Big shot out to my gal Joanne ! Thank you for keeping me going tonight !

In the end , I completed Nancy in 29:18 . Just under the 30 minutes I was given . Feeling good about that . And the running really didn’t bother me too much , I feeling a lot better about the 5k . Don’t get me wrong , still terrified but feeling better , lol.

It was a great workout!

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