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This is a big deal !

I have had a lot of personal triumphs lately . Pull-ups , ring dips , double unders, personal goals in class smashed …. I am feeling awesome !
So my friends , the next goal I am tackling is : A 5 K !!! Honestly I think I am ready . I haven’t yet run 3 miles but I did 2 today with no issues in about a half hour . I will be slow but I think I can finish in under an hour , I would be happy with that . I have got amazing support , I think I got this !

Today I set out to do 2 miles , my longest run with out stopping was 1.35 miles . I figured I could do this 2 mile goal. And honestly I was shocked that I could do it and it only took me a half hour . I swear it’s “Just Keep Swimming ” that gets me through this . I mean , I listen to my music but I keep saying it over and over in my head . Hey , if it works , who cares right ? Lol.

At the end of the day today , I am happy . I am making so much progress in this journey and getting stronger everyday .
I know if I keep swimming , I will get there .

Just keep swimming folks and we will get there
– Meg

4 thoughts on “This is a big deal !”

  1. That’s so awesome!! You could try to add two days of short sprints to help with training. My fave is 3 x 400’s with 2 min in between each one. This is a great workout and it will help so much come race day.

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