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Get Moving and Enjoy the Season!

A large group from my gym participated in a 5k today.  For many of them, it was their first 5k.  Through out the weeks building up to the run, people were telling me I should do it.  I kept declining, knowing I was not ready.  I will be at some point, but just not today.  BUT – even though I did not do a 5k today, I still got out there and ran.  I got moving.  I ran 1.35 miles without stopping. I ran farther than I ever have! I was able to run the whole route I chose and back to my place without a single stop.

Before if I was lucky, my time for a mile was 17 minutes, today, my time was 13:54 min/mile.  Progress! I nearly kicked up my heels when I heard the time come through my ears. I am on my way to doing a 5k .  I am going to try running each weekend to keep it going, hopefully I can.


Now onto the fun stuff!

Halloween is a big deal for my family.  We all get into it.  Every year we participate in Fitzy’s Fright Fest.  Go and check out all the info on Facebook . My cousin, Paul, has a haunted woods at his house that is open a couple of days around Halloween.   This year is really special as Fitzy’s Fright Fest was chosen as the #9 Viewer’s Choice Best Haunted House in New England by WMUR .  And the picture they used for the slideshow was created by my husband, Chad. How freakin cool is all of that?!?! So exciting!  If you are in the area, come check us out in Newton NH October 31st and November 2nd!

I can’t tell you what the plans are for this year, but last year my sister and I were the girls from the Shining. We had a blast!


So, what are your plans for Halloween ? What are you dressing up as??shining girls

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