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Being Ill Prepared – Always ends in a Fail

I was aggravated this morning. Very aggravated. My plan was to go for a run today.  I was so irritated, I threw on my sneakers, grabbed my music and hit the pavement in my pajamas.  I started off great, but after about 5 minutes, the fact that I just went for it and did not stretch, set in. UGH.  What a horrible decision.  Even at that point ” Just Keep Swimming” didn’t even work – it was ” Try not to die” .  So, I changed up to a walk. Just a plain walk.  Let myself down.  I think that is the worst part, I did it to myself.  Not that I am any sort of runner, but I was ready for the challenge and I failed myself.  If I had just taken 10 minutes to stretch out, my legs would not have been as bad and I wouldn’t of been a spazatron.

To boot – after I fail myself and resort to the walk – there is this itty bitty chick running around past me.  What ever, I was thinking, like, Really? Was that God’s way of saying – ” Next time stretch , ass hole.”  No, I think it was when she lapped me as I attempted walking.  Seriously? I do not know this person at all, but it was like she was sent from the God’s to mock me and my failure.  Like ” Haha bitch, get back out there and run!” I failed. Massive fail.

So today’s lesson kids is : Stretch! Before your workout! Duh. Ugh.

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3 thoughts on “Being Ill Prepared – Always ends in a Fail”

  1. stretching and water are king with running. and failures amount to progress if you let them. I’ve started to embrace failure, because it means I can get better!

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