Daily Rants and Raves

Gotta find the positives

I have been having an amazing time in class this week. Monday, I finished first in class . That has never happened . Wednesday we got some time at the end of class to work on things . I am still chasing those damn pull-ups . Still failing , but I am trying . I can do nose- ups . That is where you can get your nose to the bar, lol. I am so close to a pull up . Ugh ! It is frustrating .
Then last night – running, snatches and ring rows since I can’t do the full pull up yet . Lately I have been using a 22 lb dumbbell for my weight . So last night I grabbed a 22 lb. My coach said it was too easy and to grab a 25 lb , so I did . And was promptly sent back to grab ….. Gasp ….. A 30 lb weight . I thought she was out of her tree . But I grabbed it, bent down and jumped that baby up there and completed the snatch . It was heavy and they took me a but longer – but I did it ! Heavier weights ! Yes! Progress ! Thanks Jane for the push ! It is great to have coaches who push you to do your best and believe in you . My coaches are so amazing and so supportive of all of us . I love it !
We also had to do (3) 400 m runs through out the workout . I am feeling better about my running , still slow but I am able to keep my slow pace and keep swimming . My last run I decided to do an experiment – try and run as fast as I can . I did run fast then died out so I had to walk a bit . Then decided to book it on my way back and I was able to do it . Now, how stupid of me to wait until my last run to try this but at least I know that it is there within me to do it .
I am really feeling great lately on this journey . I am seeing progression . I am feeling progression . It is such an awesome feeling ! I can’t give up and I have no intentions of doing so .

And in even happier news – my mom came home from the hospital today ! She still has a ways to go but at least she is home . Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support , prayers and kind thoughts !!!

Just keep swimming folks !

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