Week in Review

It has been a big week!

Worked out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Great workouts – finished all of them !  Medicine Ball Cleans are the devil – my legs finally stopped hurting, lol.  Met with my coach and got my measurements.  In 4 months at Befit ,     I have lost 10″!!!! Now that I have my workouts under control, need to step it up and work on the nutrition.   Worked out a plan with my coach and I think it is doable.

I am excited to step it up and take this to the next level.

Through this journey, I find its the little things that make all the difference.  For instance, I had a physical this week.  My doctor was thrilled I am working out and making a lifestyle change.  Then, he sends me to get blood work.  Ugh.  I hate having my blood drawn, not so much because I don’t like needles, its because I have ” bad veins”.  In other words, since I have been fat, it has been a bitch to get blood drawn.  Usually they give me some fresh out of phlebotomist school grad who is trying to prove themselves and I leave looking like a pin cushion that someone has tried to place a spell on.  Then there are the bruises that take weeks to heal.  And of course they use the tape that is not the cloth tape, so it hurts wicked bad when you pull the bandage off.  You know what I mean….    Anyways – this week – It was 1 and done!  It was amazing.  I gave the girl the story I give everyone who comes at me with a needle about my ” bad veins”.  She does the tap on the arms to see which one is best and she said they were both good, she picked the left and it was done!

Now, I am no doctor and have no medical training, but the only reason I can see that this was easier – was because I have lost weight.

Another Victory! Small but its another victory! Hooray!

I find myself over and over again saying Just Keep Swimming, and honest to goodness, I swear it works….. You gotta keep going no matter what.  I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

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And BTW – All that blood work came back Normal!

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