Feelin’ Pretty Darn Good

Lately my life has been a shit show – lots going on at home, slammed at work, sick family, broken car…. I am just plain stressed out.  I have dedicated myself to myself and I can say that, you know what? I am sticking to it despite the whirlwind around me.   And you know what else? It feels Pretty Darn Good!

Tonight’s workout was all about Kettlebell’s.



I think I did pretty good.  And – personal victory – I finished with time to spare.  Granted it was 10 seconds, but it was still time!

I finished exhausted but so proud! And that is the thing…. I love working out.  I really do, never thought I would say that or feel that, but I do.  I will gripe and sweat and wish I could stop during the workout, but I keep going – always keep swimming! Cause the feeling at the end – is AMAZING.

Nothing can beat it! It is such a cool feeling, knowing what I am doing, and completing it!   I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish further down the road, and I am just beginning.

Hope you are enjoying reading along and coming for the swim!   Feel free to share your stories of triumphs or personal victories!

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