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Cheesy Fry Challenge – Accepted!

I am from Massachusetts – and if you are from Massachusetts, you have heard of Kelly’s Roast Beef.    

They have amazing Roast Beef Sandwiches and more importantly – SIMPLY AMAZING CHEESY FRIES!



I am not gonna lie – and I am not exactly proud either , but there are not 1 but 2 Kelly’s within lunch break distance from my work.  I would run to Kelly’s on my lunch and get what I call the ” Value Meal”.

Bacon Cheesy Fries and a Chocolate Frappe

I know I know, awesome right?!?!   And soooooo freakin tasty!

Well, my friends, Those days are way behind me. And how do I know?

Today at lunch, some co-workers went to Kelly’s.  I passed.  I even passed when presented with delicious, cheesy, gooey, yummo, bacony, Cheesy Fries!  Now, I know this is not a huge moment, I suppose more of a comical one if that, but this is something.  My normal routine, would be to have a few fries, then a few more, all the while saying ” I’ll only have a few…”  But not today! Not today my friends! I resisted the delicious fries!

I busted my butt last night in class and I was not going to ruin it.  Plus I had class tonight too , and I was not going to set myself up for failure.

It’s these little moments, these little things, that I think I am most proud of .  These are the little changes I notice.  Its these moments that mean the most.  I am changing.  I have so much farther to go, but at least I know I am on the right road.

Go out there and be happy folks! Do what makes you happy!

And never ever forget to KEEP SWIMMING!!!


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