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Back at it!

Ok, I will admit it, I haven’t been sticking to my workouts when the gym was closed.  My last workout was last Tuesday.  Yes, I have been swimming a couple of times, but really, I haven’t done shit.  Its my own fault – I have been lazy.  Plus we have had a lot going on in our family, which didn’t help.  Unexpected trip to the ER with my oldest and 2nd degree burns on his foot, he is ok now and it is healing nicely.  Thank goodness!

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...
Two views of local Extension leaders drilling in physical exercise in middies and bloomers, … (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)


Onto the nitty gritty – What a bum I am!   Ugh! So frustrated that I did not get off my ass! But let me tell you = went back for my 1st workout tonight and had my ass thoroughly handed to me.

And I loved it!  Tonight was box jumps, mountain climbers, V ups and my favorite – running.  Cha! Oh and did I mention 5 rounds?  Surprisingly – the box jumps, climbers and V ups were not too bad – it was the running that once again did me in.  It was a 400 meter run – I did 400 meters the 1st 2 rounds, then by the grace of God, my coach said I could do 200 meters for the last 3 rounds.   Still running sucked , but as soon as my feet hit the pavement – I start the mantra ” Just Keep Swimming” And I did just that – kept swimming and got the runs done.  All 5 rounds. Yea Me!

I have to step it up.  I have got to be even more dedicated.  And Lord knows I have to do something about my nutrition.  I know, I know I eat horribly.  But, I have to eat better and I know there are things I can do, maybe I just need to see a nutritionist to get me started.  I will get it figured it out some how.   For now, I will keep on trucking with my work outs.

Nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment at the end of the workout – nothing.  It is the sweetest, sweatiest, most satisfying high out there.  And I freakin love it!

What are you up to?  Are you keeping up the swim?  Are you kicking ass and taking names?  Share with us!

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