Big Moment!

It is no secret that me and the whole running process are not friends.   We are not close acquaintances , we are not casual encounters, we are not 2nd cousins twice removed, we are not neighbors. We have a major dislike for each other.

BUT – I feel that running, is starting to come around….


Yesterday, was super duper busy for me.  But I sure as hell made sure I got my workout in .  The old Meg would of said ” F This” and not worked out.  Especially where I knew it was going to be a running work out.  We had not run all week and we usually do 1 time a week at least, plus it was a nice day out.  So, pile all that together and I knew it was coming.

End result – a completely outdoors work out.   We were supposed to run 1 mile, 800m and 400m, in between runs we did Kettlebell swings and broad jumps 3 rounds, then back and run again.

Luckily I got a modification and had to run 800m, 400m and 200m.  It did not bother me to run less than everyone else, I was actually relieved.  So, we line up and get going.  I was mentally preparing myself for this the whole morning.  I kept a slower pace and just kept moving.  Then here it comes, the dumpster, and right after that, the calves turn to lead.

This is what happens every timeEXCEPT TODAY!!!  I made it past the dumpster, then, down around the corner, then up to the fire hydrant, and KEPT GOING!!!! I was able to run all the way back with out stopping!

ANDnot only did I do it on the 800m run, I did it on the 400m run and the 200m run!!!! Holy freakin crap!!!!

I don’t know how, I don’t know why – but all I know is I KEPT SWIMMING!  I kept saying it over and over again, probably sounding like a crazy person talking to myself, but over and over and over again .  My classmates would go by me, we’d high 5 and I kept saying it.


I know it is not a big deal to anyone but me – but to me, this was the biggest deal.  The fact that I did not 1 but 3 running segments without having to stop and stretch out my calves, or stop to catch my breath, or stop because I was just plain dying was so overwhelming.  Right after class, I immediately called my husband, Chad, to tell him about this victory and broke down into tears on the phone with him.  I was completely overcome with emotion.

This simple little task – running – is something I have struggled with, and I know I will continue to struggle, and that is okay.  But this simple task is something so many people can do with no issues, and I get that.

The awesome thing is on Saturday, June 15th, 2013 – I DID IT!


Who knows when I will be able to do it again, but I am sure gonna ride this pride for a while.

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