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1st Weight Goal Achieved!

I took my first real step to a better lifestyle in February of this year. Just making the decision to do something and eat better was hard enough, then in March I started going to Befit.  I have a lot of weight to lose, Ideally about 120 pounds.  But, I couldn’t look at it that way, I had to break it down.

So first goal – lose 15 pounds.  And today getting on that scale – I am down 16.3 pounds!!!! Holy Shit!

This whole process is simply amazing to me.  Why the frack did it take me so long to get off my ass? What an idiot I was!

The thing is, I see myself in the mirror everyday, as do most of you see yourselves.  But when I look at myself, I don’t see the changes.  I KNOW they are taking place.  I have lost weight and my clothes fit better, even fitting into clothes I haven’t fit into in years – years! I feel better.  I have this crazy NEED to workout.  I LOVE working out! It kills me and totally kicks my ass – but I love it. I Love challenging myself.  I love the pride in finally being able to do something.  I love the fact that I am doing this for me and I am not giving up.

I have really learned that you cannot take the easy way out of this – I got myself into this. It has been a span of 14 years – how the heck can I expect it to come right off?  So glad I don’t think that way anymore.

This is gonna sound corny, but I feel like a Caterpillar, lying in wait in my Cocoon , awaiting to emerge as the beautiful Butterfly I am meant to be.


Hopefully, I don’t become a Fatty McButterfly like our friend here….

I know there are no butterflies in the sea, but you know what I gotta do here ….

Keep on swimming folks – we will get there 🙂







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