Daily Rants and Raves

Run Meg Run! Or Not….

So tonight’s workout had running in it, my most formidable foe.


It is no secret, me and running, we are not friends.  I want to have a relationship, but running is just not ready to give me what I need.  Or mainly my body is not ready to make it happen.

My calves seize up like you would not believe.  It sucks and not to mention, painful.  It feels as if my legs have been dipped in lead.

We had to do (2) 800 meter runs.  My second run, I was seriously considering crawling back to the gym cause they hurt so bad.

I am Frustrated! I know, I know, what else is new?  I knew we were running last night when the work out was posted. I prepped for it, knowing my calves tighten up.  I did stretches through out the day.  I stretched last night. I mentally prepared – psyched my self for it!  Hoping that all of it, would make it a lil bit easier.  Ah, no. Alas it did not.

What stinks is I get going, feeling good,keep telling myself to Keep Swimming,  then I pass a dumpster ( that belongs to my company 🙂    )  and then my calves start to go.  Always the same spot. UGH!

It took me forever, but at least I finished tonight.  Its all progress.

I will get there. I want to. Hopefully as I loose weight and get stronger, it will be easier for me.


But for now – Gotta Keep Swimming!

Meg 🙂






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